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One stop resource for the Filipino travelers from how to book piso fare guides complete with video demo to sharing details on the required docs for visa applications, to knowing what are the allowed in hand-carry baggage and more, and tips like how not to get offloaded from the flight.

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No, we do not share every promo in the land because we feel some seat sale will only waste the time of our readers. We only share seat sale wherein we know there are lots of seats up for grabs and only the truly low fares offer of airlines like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, SkyJet, and others.

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  1. BOOKING PISO FARE TICKETS!Learn the tips and tricks in booking piso fare promos for 2019 to 2020; find out how to increase your chances of finding Cebu Pacific peso fair, err, we mean piso fare!

We provide evidence of a  Cebu Pacific Piso Fare P1 base fare for a 2019 flight. Check out the post and see the proof.

Cebu Pacific is famous for peso fare promos.  Air Asia version is usually called ‘Red Hot Sale’, we look forward to sharing the 2019 launches. These seat sales revolutionize Philippine travels!

Piso fares are not offered every day but make sure that when we do share the good news that there is a piso fare promo 2019 available, search for the ticket and buy right away.

2. 2019 ONLINE BOOKING GUIDE CEBU PACIFIC – Passengers love booking Cebupac sale tickets online at www.cebupacificiar.com because lots of payment method are accepted including credit card, atm card, and yes PAY IN CASH too!

Learn how to book promo fares in Cebu Pacific website. The 1Pisofare guide includes a VIDEO wherein we demo how to buy tickets on a step by step guide!

You can also buy Philippine Airlines tickets and pay in cash.

3. AIR ASIA HOW TO BOOK ONLINEThis is a guide for those who wishes to book Air Asia promos in the fastest possible way – that is, thru online booking at airasia.com!

4. ITEMS ALLOWED and RESTRICTED on Hand-Carry and Check-in Bags – Nothing dampens the adventure that having your things confiscated at the airport. So please make sure to read what are the items allowed and not allowed to bring on your hand carry and check-in bags. Or you can also check this Cebu Pacific rules on hand carry items.

5. PREPAID BAGGAGE RATES COMPARISONSave on baggage fees by purchasing prepaid baggage. Learn the latest PAL baggage rates or the check-in prepaid baggage rates of Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, SkyJet. Updated 2017 baggage fees.

6. HOW TO ADD BAGGAGE  – In this 1Pisofare Guide we teach you how to add baggage to a confirmed ticket in Cebupac. You can add baggage up to 4 hours before your flight schedule.

7. TICKET REFUND, REBOOKING, REROUTING TICKETS and FEES – This is a guide that will give you an idea of how much the charges are if you want to make flight changes such as rerouting, rebooking the flight you got on promo in Cebu Pacific, refunding unused tickets.

8. TERMINAL FEE REFUNDING FOR UNUSED TICKETSSometimes there are emergency happenings in our lives that will forced us to cancel our confirmed flights or to become a No Show at the airport. When this happens, know that you can request the airline to refund the terminal fee that is included in the cost of your ticket. The terminal fee can be refunded for both international and domestic flight.

9. PHILIPPINE AIRLINES TICKETING OFFICES AND BRANCHESIf you prefer buying PAL tickets from an actual ticketing office, you may do so by visiting the Philippine Airlines branches in Metro Manila, PAL Luzon ticketing offices, PAL Visayas branches, and PAL Mindanao offices.

10. CEBU PACIFIC TICKETING OFFICESIf you don’t like booking Cebu Pacific promo fares online, you can still buy low fare by visiting a branch of this airline. Are you a Senior Citizen or PWDs who wishes to buy Cebu Pacific tickets with discounts? Visit a Cebu Pacific ticketing offices in Manila and buy airfare there.

11. AIR ASIA TICKETING OFFICES – Aside from online, you can also buy promo Air Asia tickets by going to their branches.

12. JAPAN VISA – Who doesn’t want to go to the land of the rising sun? Before you book that flight to Osaka, Nagoya, Narita, etc., make sure you will apply for a Japan Visa. Read here for the requirements for Filipinos to get Japan Visa.

13. KOREA VISA – The countless kdramas you’ve seen may have spark that desire to go to South Korea, or you may simply want to check out what’s out there. If you want to go to Korea, file for a visa first. Make sure you prepare the required documents for Korean Visa approval.

14. FLIGHT OFFLOADING – It pays to be prepared before you get interviewed by the Immigration Officer in the airport. Read the 1Pisofare offloading prevention tips.

15. DSWD TRAVEL PERMIT FOR MINORS – Traveling with a kid, a minor? Make sure you have secured the necessary DSWD travel permits and clearance ahead of your flight date.

16. RULES FOR PREGNANT WOMEN, INFANTS, GUEST WITH SPECIAL NEEDS – Know the airline rules on pregnant guest, guests traveling with special needs, guests traveling with infants including info on handling fee.

17. 2019 PHILIPPINE HOLIDAYS and LONG WEEKENDS – Make the most of your days off by exploring the different cities of the Philippines or even take a trip abroad! To start preparing for your getaways, check this complete list of the national holidays regular and special non-working days for 2019. Bonus info on Long Weekends next year!

18. PASSPORT FIRST TIME APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS – Now is the time to apply for a passport. Check out the requirements. This guide is intended for first time passport applicant.

19. HOW TO RENEW PASSPORT in DFA – Learn what are the requirements for passport renewal in DFA or replacing mutilated, lost, damage passport, travel documents.

20. HOW TO SET UP SCHEDULE FOR PASSPORT APPOINTMENTThe Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) requires appointment to process passport applications and renewals, this will be done via online. Follow the step by step guide in accomplishing the passport appointment scheduling online in DFA.

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