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Check-in Baggage Rates of Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, SkyJet, PAL Express

Compare baggage rates of the different airlines in the Philippines. Check-out prepaid baggage fees as well as excess baggage charges at the airport check-in counter for Cebu Pacific, PAL, Air Asia, and SkyJet.

Regular and promo fares come with free 7 kilos of hand-carry baggage allowance. If you need to check-in a bag or a luggage, you must buy a check-in baggage allowance.

Baggage Rates Cebu Pacific Air Asia PAL SkyJet

You can buy prepaid baggage during the ticket booking process or buy up to 4 hours before your flight via “Modify” or “Edit” access, or you buy at the airport check-in counter.

However, if you will check the comparative rates below of checked-in baggage fee, the biggest savings comes if you buy prepaid baggage along when you book your regular or promo fare tickets. The most expensive time to buy baggage allowance is at the airport.

Here are the updated check-in baggage rates of the different airlines in the Philippines for DOMESTIC flights:

Cebu Pacific Air Prepaid and Excess Baggage Rates

In Cebu Pacific it’s the same baggage fee for the different packages available, if you will buy baggage via Cebu Pacific website Modify Booking tab, up to 4 hours before flight, or during booking process.

  • SMALL up to 15 kg – P224
  • MEDIUM up to 20 kg – P358.24
  • LARGE up to 30 kg – P728
  • EXTRA LARGE up to 40 kg – P1,120

If you buy at the airport counter for excess baggage that you want to check-in the rate will jump to P200 per kilo.

So imagine if you have 4 kilos of baggage you are required to check-in when you get to the airport check-in counter, you will pay P800 ( P200/kg x 4 kgs = P800). If you buy prepaid baggage, P800 will already give you up to 30 kgs of baggage allowance.

Air Asia Zest Philippines Baggage Package Rates

In Air Asia Zest, the cheapest baggage rates you can avail of is when you buy it at the time you book your ticket (prepaid baggage during initial booking). Air Asia’s check-in baggage rate increases if you will buy after you got ticket confirmation, say after a week or a month from ticket booking date and you add the new prepaid baggage via via “Modify My Booking”.

It is most expensive if you will need to buy baggage allowance at the airport because you will be charge the regular baggage fee.

  • Up to 15 kg – P250
  • Up to 20 kg – P320
  • Up to 25 kg – P580
  • Up to 30 kg – P900
  • Up to 40 kg – P1,700

Baggage rate goes up for Air Asia when you buy after initial booking, via their websites ‘Manage My Booking’ tab

  • Up to 15 kg – P288
  • Up to 20 kg – P368
  • Up to 25 kg – P667
  • Up to 30 kg – P1035
  • Up to 40 kg – P1,955

The rate when you buy Air Asia 15 kgs at the airport counter is P800. If you have an excess baggage, the rate is P360 per kilos.

Recommendation: Buy prepaid baggage at the same time you book your ticket.

Philippine Airlines and PAL Express Baggage Rates

When it comes to PAL or Philippine Airlines and PAL Express, regular fares as well as promo fares tickets comes with free check-in baggage allowance, aside from the 7 kilos of hand-carry bag allowance. How much is the free check-in baggage depends on the type of ticket you will book.

  • Budget Economy tickets – Free 10 kilos check-in + 7 kilos hand-carry baggage
  • Regular Economy tickets – Free 20 kilos check-in + 7 kilos hand-carry baggage

* except PAL and PAL Express flights that utilizes Q300 or Q400 aircraft max free check-in baggage is 10 kilos for regular economy tickets.

  • Premium Economy and Business Class tickets – Free 30 kgs check-in + 7 kilos hand-carry baggage
  • Premium Business Class tickets – Free 35 kilos check-in + 7 kilos hand-carry baggage

PAL Prepaid Baggage Rates for Domestic Flights

Should you need to more kilograms to your existing free PAL check-in bag allowance, you can buy prepaid baggage at these rates:

  • Up to 5 kg – P250
  • Up to 10 kg – P500
  • Up to 15 kg – P750
  • Up to 20 kg – P1,000
  • Up to 25 kg – P1,250
  • Up to 30 kg – P1,500
  • Up to 35 kg – P1,750
  • Up to 40 kg – P2,000

*PAL flights to Dumaguete and Tuguegarao are allowed up to 10kgs prepaid baggage only.

PAL’s standard baggage rate, the fee at the airport for excess baggage is still most expensive compared to PAL’s prepaid baggage rate.

SkyJet Air Baggage Fees

SkyJet Air is another airline that gives free 10 kilos of check-in baggage. Actually this may not be ‘free’ per se, because most likely the cost of check-in baggage is already weave into the ticket prices. But still, when you book SkyJet, you will automatically get 10 kgs check-in and 5 kilos of hand-carry bag allowance. Yep, we’ve checked their FAQs and it says it’s only 5 kilos of free hand-carry baggage allowance, so be guided.

Excess baggage rate is charged P150 per kilo by SkyJet.


Domestic flights maximum baggage package that you can buy is 40 kgs only. There is a free hand-carry baggage of 7 kilos except for SkyJet’s 5kgs rule.

International flights long-haul and short-haul flights have different check-in baggage rates. Please check directly with the airline.

Prepaid baggage rates are always discounted to encourage more passengers to buy baggage packages ahead. If you know that you will travel with more than the allowable carry on free baggage allowance, do yourself a favor and buy prepaid!


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