1PisoFare shares Cebu Pacific Promo Fares 2019, Philippine Airlines and PAL promos, Air Asia piso sale. Book tickets one-way or round trip flights, watch out for upcoming P1 base fare promotions for 2019 to 2020.

World Travel Lifestyle Expo 2019

2019 is the year to start making your travel plans a reality.... and here is one of the best travel events to help you on your way, the World Travel Lifestyle Expo 2019!!! Yes, travel is now a lifestyle... and this travel event can help you get all the travel essentials that you will need for >>> Read All Details

Cebu Pacific Seat Sale for April, May, June and July 2019!!

Here we go, the latest seat sale for the Cebu Pacific Super Seat Fest for March 2019!!! And for >>> Read All Details

AIR ASIA 20% OFF on SEATS Weekend Promo

The weekend is almost here mga ka 1 Piso Fare. This means family time and some long hours of >>> Read All Details

Cebu Pacific Promo on Check In Baggage and Meals

This latest promo is unique mga ka 1 Piso Fare Barkada. Instead of giving discounts on airline >>> Read All Details

Fly EMIRATES to Dubai, Europe, South America, South Africa Using Your BDO Cards

BDO Card holders rejoice!!! There is now an EMIRATES promo that you can avail exclusive only for BDO >>> Read All Details