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JAPAN TOURIST VISA Requirements For Filipinos

japan visa requirements for filipinos

These are the general requirements to apply for a Japan tourist visa for Philippine passport holders. Additional documents may be required by the Embassy of Japan on a case to case basis.

Please note that a visa is a privilege, and that not all applicants are granted a visa to Japan.

Processing of Japan visa for Filipinos will be made thru an accredited agency, there are a few exemptions though. To check the exemptions and other details please read this separate post on Japan Visa Application and List of Accredited Agency.


General Requirements for Tourist Visa to Japan for Filipinos

All documents that you will submit must be original. Requirements list below is for Filipinos who wants to apply for a tourist visa to travel to Japan. If you are applying for a different type of visa, kindly contact your travel agency for the specific documents that you need to submit.

  1. Philippine Passport which must be valid 6 months prior to travel date to Japan. The passport must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages.
  2. Japan Visa Application form must be COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY filled-up. The form must not contain any erasure. For fields which are not applicable to your situation, indicate “N/A”. You also need in the form the hotel name, contact numbers and address where you will be staying while in Japan, as well as the airline name.
  3. Photo which must be of good resolution and conforms to specific size 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. You need to paste this photo to the application form.
Piso Fare tip: Go to a photo studio for professional looking photo. Inform the studio that you will use the photo for Japan visa application. These quality photo studios normally know the required photo needed for visa.
  1. Original NSO Birth Certificate of applicant. This NSO Birth Certificate must be issued by the PSA within one year. If you’ve previously got an NSO Birth Certificate via the NSO Hotline/Local Registrar but you got it more than a year ago, do not submit it as it not valid. You need to get a new one.
  2. For married applicants, Original NSO Marriage Certificate is required.
  3. Daily Schedule in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO) – You need to make a very detailed list of your everyday itinerary while in Japan.
  4. Personal Bank Certificate (Original – valid at least 2 months upon issuance)

**For Japan visa applicant with Guarantor (SPONSORED/INCENTIVE TRIPS) – The Guarantor must provide a personal bank certificate issued within 2 months.

  1. Income Tax Return (Form 2316 / 1700 / 1701 / 1702) original and photocopy in A4 paper

*Copy of DTI / SEC if the applicant is submitting the company ITR.

*ITR of Guarantor FOR SPONSORED TRIPS – Include the SEC of company if submitting the company ITR

* Explanation letter if the applicant cannot submit ITR due to the following reason:

  1. If the applicant has no Guarantor but will submit Bank Certificate like applicants who are Retired, Housewife, Senior Citizen, Etc.
  2. If the applicant is an OFW.

9. Signed Guarantee Letter applicable for individual applicants – if applicant/s cannot provide the financial documents (Bank Certificate & ITR).

The Guarantor can be any of the following:

  • Parent (either Father or Mother) – if travelling with minors or unemployed children
  • Husband or Wife – if one of them is not submitting financial documents
  • Immediate Relative – if the applicant is a Senior Citizen and will not be able submit financial documents
  • Company – for sponsored/incentive trips
  • Fiancée
  1. Photocopy of passport’s Bio page or any Gov’t issued ID and Visa page (if available) – if Guarantor is not an applicant. Additional requirement if Guarantor is a Foreign National – Copy of I-CARD or AEP or Passport copy.


You may be required to submit additional documents where necessary. Applicants are given three (3) months to submit additional requirements. If you fail to submit the additional requirements within the 3 months’ time-frame, you visa application will be terminated.

All the documents you submitted for application will not be returned.

If your Japan visa application is denied or not granted – the reasons of denial will not be disclosed by the Embassy/Consular Office.

Denied applicants may apply again after six (6) month with the same purpose, unless there are emergency / humanitarian reasons, or application for different purpose.

Applicant may be required to appear for a personal interview on a case to case basis.

Note: If you are visiting a friend in Japan, aside from the above requirements you need to submit documents or photos to prove relationship, an invitation letter from your Guarantor in Japan (original and signed), Residence Certificate (JUMINHYO)of your Guarantor, etc.

For a complete list of requirements for Visa Application to Visit Friends or Relatives in Japan or any other type of Japanese visa, please consult directly with your preferred travel agency.

Check here for LIST OF JAPAN EMBASSY ACCREDITED AGENCY for visa applications.

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  1. Do I need to provide #9 if my sister cannot provide bank certificate? I think she can provide ITR but no savings in bank. Thank you.

    • It is best to submit all the needed requirements to get a higher chance of approval… just our opinion only. Thanks for reading 1 Piso Fare.

  2. I am an OFW and currently working here in Saudi Arabia. I plan to bring my family (wife and 6 children ages 18,20,26 and 27 all are single) to Tokyo Disneyland in June 2018. Can I apply tourist family visa for us all?