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Things NOT Allowed on Hand Carry Baggage During Flights

These are the Philippine airport security restrictions that are most relevant to ordinary travelers and flyers like us.

No wires and cable allowed on carry-on bag. Laptop charger in the laptop bag is exempted, as well as chargers for phone, tablet and cameras.

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You can checked-in alcoholic beverages such as wines, liquiors, whisky. But you can only checked-in at most 5L of alcoholic beverages. Be mindful of this especially when you are at Duty Free excitedly buying liquors for pasalubong.

VERY IMPORTANT: At the final xray machine area, all liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs)   in containers exceeding 100 ml will be confiscated. Question: What if I have a perfume in a 125 ml bottle, and I have used up lots of it that the actual perfume is now below 100 ml, am I allowed to have it on my hand-carry bag? No, you may not. This is because the airport only allows 100ml CONTAINERS or bottles to pass through to the final departure waiting area. This is also true for body lotion, shampoos, liquid soap etc.

SAMPLE of things not allowed inside your hand carry Luggage


Recommendation: If you have been shopping in Hong Kong, Singapore,  Bangkok,etc and plans to hand-carry your perfumes, make sure that the bottle is 100 ml and below so you won’t face issue. If you have checked-in baggage allowance, then you can bring back to the PH perfume bottles exceeding 100ml by checking it in.

Moreover, your liquids in 100 ml and below bottles must be sealed well so it won’t leak in case there is a change in cabin pressure. It would be best if you put it in airtight plastic bags before you put it on your pouch.

FUELS all types are not allowed for checked-in or handcarry. This includes lighter refills, butane can, matches, etc. Also not allowed are flammable paints and thinners and explosives such as firecrackers, fireworks and flares.

You can bring in your lighters but make sure it is drain of its lighter fluid.

If you have e-cigarettes you can carry it on your bag, but you can’t checked-it in.

Sorry, but you can’t bring your pet on the airplane. You can’t check-it in nor can you carry your favorite pet. It’s not allowed.


The following items are not allowed to be carried in the cabin. You must place these items in your checked-in baggage:

Any bladed items or sharp objects such as nail cutters, swiss knives, balisong, scissors, nippers etc.

Long umbrellas (folding umbrellas are now allowed as hand-carry)

Bicycle chains and jacks or other similar items.

All kinds of adhesive tape like masking, packing, scotch, duct, electrical, rubber and similar items.

All sports equipment are not allowed to be handcarried and must be checked in. This includes surf boards, golf equiptment, bicycles, etc.

For safety reasons, dangerous goods (items, articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment) must not be carried in passengers’ hand carried or checked baggage.

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  1. Are you sure that you can carry the e cigs in your carryon cause i was told to put it in a checked in baggage

  2. How about SLR cam tripod? I already called cebupac hotline regarding this matter. He said as long as it fits within the bag, it can be hand carried.. But i doubt him (i’m sorry.. I just felt he’s unsure)…

  3. Hi i just want to ask if selfie stick and iphone/digicam charger is allowed in handcarry luggage? Thanks!

  4. How about a safety hard hat?

  5. Hi, magttravel ako ksama ung Remote controlled car ko. De-gasolina yun. Na empty ko nman n ung ssakyan at ung tank nya. Gusto ko lng sana malaman kung ok lang ba yu ?

  6. mary grace gadd says:

    I am flying with cebu pacific airline from sydney to philippines soon and would like to bring my portable power bank 50000 mah..ok lng ba dalin ko ito?should i place in luggage or hand carry?

  7. hello. Hindi ba pwede maiconsider ang hair iron sa hand carry?

  8. how about shampoo and conditioner in a sachet, allowed po ba ito sa hand carry? thanks


    I will be travelling but I did not buy extra kilos for check-in baggage because I dont have so much load. SO i might as well putting all my toiletries cp and chargers in my handcarry. Am i allowed to do so? Or can i request to check-in my 7 kilos handcarry baggage because there are items that are not allowed to be carried in a handcarry?

    • As long as your toiletries especially the liquid ones are stored in 100 ml containers or less, then your good… if not, best to book for check in baggage service.

  10. Ma. Kristina Moya says:

    Hi pwede ba yung curling iron in carry on baggage. Sa airlines ko kasi pwede pero baka naman sa naia i confiscate soni should know para alam ko kung pede ko sya madala

  11. Hi can I hand carry a bidet shower?

  12. hello pwede po ba madala sa baggage ang 100pcs 38mm small round candles from IKEA?

  13. I am taking an older camera with me that relies on film (35mm).I intend to take 3 films with me .I do not want these to pass through an x ray machine or they will be damaged . What is the proceedure here ?

  14. is it okay to bring POWERBANK in the airport?

  15. im planning to travel on dec pauwing bicol..since d nman aq mgdadala ng mramimg damit. ok lng ba un mga pnghanda sa noche buena un ilagay q sa hand carry q like pasta, nestle cream, pasta sauce at mga sandwich spread n nsa bottle.. Thanks!!

  16. is it okay to bring a bucket of chicken?

  17. Francis john says:

    Pwed ba e hand carry ang playstation and laptop?

  18. Are things inside plastic bags are allowed to be hand-carried?

  19. Pede po ba maghand carry ng root crop like ube naka balot nmn sya ng maayos

  20. puede po ba ang 20000 mAh 7.4Wh/3.7V power bank sa hand carry bag?

  21. Pwede po ba ang coffee maker sa hand carry bag?

  22. hello po. puwede po ba hand carry ang pork adobo at orchids plant?

  23. Hi, pwede po ba ang belt sa hand carry luggage? 10 belts to b exact. . .

  24. allowed po ba ang electronics(solar charge controller) on carry on luggage?

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