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Already bought a Cebu Pacific ticket and you want to add baggage allowance? Learn how to add check-in baggage via this 1Pisofare guide.

You already purchased tickets from Cebu Pacific but no baggage, later on you realize you really need to add a few kilos of baggage allowance, how do you do it?

Adding Baggage to Confirmed Cebu Pacific Ticket

First, you have to know how much baggage you want to add. Options are Small at 15 kilos, Medium at 20 kilos, Large at 30 kilos, and Extra Large at 40 kilos. See this post for baggage fee comparison Cebu Pacific versus Philippine Airlines versus Air Asia.

Note: Baggage rate for local flights, international short haul, and international long haul flights differs.

Keeping the type of prepaid baggage you want to add to your booking, you now need to access the Cebu Pacific website.

Here’s a quick 1Pisofare video guide showing the steps

This is now the step by step walk-through when adding prepaid baggage to existing booking from this airline.

Step 1 and Step 2 Go to website and click on “Manage Booking”, and then click “Add Baggage

Step 3, 4, and 5 Login to your Cebu Pacific account, enter username, password, and click Login”.

Step 6 All current bookings will be displayed, select the flight you want to add baggage to.

Step 7 A new page loads, it will display the chosen booking you are adding prepaid baggage on. If correct, click “Continue

Step 8 The Baggage Allowance page will load. If there is more than 1 person on your flight, you can add baggage individually by clicking “Select Baggage Allowance for All Guests”. See screenshot sample (Step 8).

check-in baggage add to booking itinerary

Step 9 Under each passenger, you can select the baggage type you want to add (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large). If you don’t want baggage for a particular passenger on your Cebu Pacific ticket itinerary, choose “I am flying with NO baggage”. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Continue”.

The AMOUNT PAYABLE will adjust as you add or remove baggage on your booking.

In our sample, Passenger #1 will have NO BAGGAGE. Passenger #2 will have 15 kilos of baggage. Since this is an international flight Manila to Narita, the baggage rate for 15 kilos is P600.

Step 10 Your flight itinerary will load again, and you can now see the added baggage fee. Review if correct.

Step 11 If all correct, scroll to the bottom, and click the tick box beside “I HAVE REVIEWED MY BOOKING SUMMARY” and click “Continue”.

Step 12 The Payment page loads, choose how you want to pay:

  • EVoucher
  • Paypal
  • Alipay
  • Payment Centers before 11:59 PM of the same day deadline
  • Payment Centers within 24 hours deadline
In our sample, we’ve chosen to pay using PAYMENT CENTERS 24 hours deadline.

For those who will choose the same payment option as in our sample, a new page load wherein you can see the amount due and the BOOKING REFERENCE NUMBER that you must bring to the Cebu Pacific payment center.

add baggage to ticket payment center

After paying, access Manage Booking section again and you will see that the baggage allowance has been added and paid.

For those who doesn’t have login or are not registered to Cebu Pacific, if you want to add baggage to existing booking, please call Cebu Pacific hotline numbers at Manila +632-7020-888 or Cebu contact number at +6332-230-8888.

For those who’ve chosen to pay via credit card or atm debit card, paypal, alipay, evoucher – after successful transaction, your Cebu Pacific flight itinerary will update and you can see the added baggage to your flight.

*Excess baggage rate at the airport is very expensive at P150 per kilo, so get prepaid baggage if you know you need it. Passengers can add baggage up to 4 hours before flight schedule.




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What if you already have prepaid baggage on your booking but you want to ADD MORE? Example: You already booked a ticket with 15 kilos and you want to have 30 kilos. You will just follow the same steps as above, when you get to the payment portion, the amount that you will pay will be the DIFFERENCE between your new prepaid baggage and your original one.

So in our sample, you will only pay the price difference of 30 kilos less 15 kilos. You are basically just upgrading your check-in baggage to a higher tier.

Read other useful info: Not Allowed Items on Hand Carry and Check-in Baggage.

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