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Welcome to 1PisoFare.com!!!!

1 Piso Fare is a Philippine Travel website established in 2013 which aims to share information to our readers about the latest and affordable airline promo fares.

We advocate online booking direct at the airline’s website, that’s why we published our very own 1 Piso Fare Guides, which we hope has helped you through the years.

We write tips on how to book the most affordable airline tickets, places to visit on your vacations,  travel advice and even updates on job hiring for various airline company positions like ground personnel, male and female cabin crew, airplane pilots and more.

We received messages pleading us to do the booking for readers, but sadly, we don’t do that. As we have said, we want YOU to learn how to book online or via app, that knowledge is very handy especially during special seat sale.

Please feel free to browse our website and check the latest sharing. Salamat po!

If you have any requests, comments, suggestions, recommendations and offers, you can contact us on our email address at: pisofare@yahoo.com.

We also encourage you to send us a comment or suggestion on how we can do better in serving readers.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our posts and booking tips!!!

The 1 Piso Fare Team 🙂