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Cebu Pacific Flight Schedule Change: REBOOK TICKET WITHOUT CHARGES

Cebu Pacific emails you an advisory about flight changes on your booking and you wonder what your options are. Good news! In this post we will teach you that rebooking of ticket to another travel date and time can be done for FREE! We shall be using the term ETD = Estimated time of departure […]

5 Ways to Book Promo Tickets on Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia

Passengers are lucky now because seat sales are happening left and right. Travelling within the Philippines and abroad has become more affordable too compared to decades ago. To make the most of these cheap travel opportunities, you must know where to book those promo tickets. We will be tackling 5 options for 3 airlines on […]

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2019 HOW TO BOOK PROMOS via Online

Want to learn how to book Cebu Pacific promo tickets via online? 1 Piso Fare will teach you how thru this video tutorial on online booking. We are writing this post today when there is a piso fare 2019 promos for real! Imagine Manila to Hong Kong only cost P851!!! For the booking period September […]

Philippine Airlines Online Booking – Pay in Cash for International Quoted in USD and Domestic in PHP

There is an on-going Ultimate Seat Sale by Philippine Airlines right now! Worried that you can’t book online because you don’t have credit card or debit card? Here is the solution – pay in cash at payment centers!!! You can pay over the counter! Use your pesos even if the ticket is in USD! How […]

First Time Abroad – Procedure in the Airport for International Flights

Is it your first time to fly international and you are worried since you don’t know what you will do once you get to the airport? You are not alone; a lot of first-time flyers abroad have these apprehensions. To help you out and all of our 1Pisofare readers, we have shared this step by […]