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Cebu Pacific Piso Fare 2019 and Promo Ticket Booking Tips

Cebu Pacific Air is undoubtedly the budget airline with the most extensive network in the Philippines. This air transport company is the preferred way to fly for many budget travellers since they regularly offers seat sales and promos all throughout the year, with the most coveted being the piso fare promo tickets.

Aside from one peso fares  (PHP 1), travellers are also on the watch for airfare deals like 199 pesos, 299 pesos, 143 pesos, “Snap Sale”, 50% off, “anniversary promo”, and such. The promo rate can either be “base fare” or “all-in”.

The cheapest airfare that one can possibly book on Cebu Pac is the “piso fare”. This is offered usually 2 to 3 times a year. This is high in demand so if there is a newly launched piso fare promo from Cebu Pacific for 2019 or 2020, book the tickets asap.

The next P1 promo is maybe just around the corner, so we at 1Pisofare.com now shares these bookings tips and best practices to help you find and book those most coveted P1 seat sale offers as they come. 

Make your Cebu Pacific piso fare 2019 promo tickets dream come true! 

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Items allowed and Not Allowed in Hand Carry

Add Prepaid Baggage to Existing Booking

We also provide a complete and updated listing of the domestic and international destinations serve by Cebu Pacific Air for both direct and connecting flights for this year.


One of the latest promo of Cebu Pacific is for the travel period of June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2019 ; Domestic promo tickets as low as 299 pesos base fare International promo tickets as low as 394 pesos base fare. Check the details of this CebPac ticket sale.

Previous to that there was a Snap Sale Promo at 99 pesos base fare. Snap sales are usually a one-day event with a really cheap base fare rates. Next to piso tickets, we observed that snap sale deals are the next most affordable ticket prices. 

Snap Sales are usually one-day booking only and we have observed the usual ticket rate is as low as 99 pesos. So look out for similar promotions on Snap Sale.

If you want to know the NEW PROMOS of Cebu Pac, check out the Category > Cebu Pacific that we have on this website.

Are Piso Fare Real?!

Some of our readers have complained that piso fares are fake. We say, they are wrong! Piso Fare sale tickets are REAL. The airline secured the necessary DTI permits to hold seat sales. Without DTI approval, no airline is allowed to run deals and promos.

Personally, we have booked multiple Cebu Pacific piso fare tickets for years and years. In fact, the last one we got was just last December 25 wherein we booked a Cebu to Manila ticket for only P596.12 per person for a flight in November 2019. 

For proof here is our confirmed eTicket, check-out the fare breakdown. It’s a piso fare!!!

The base fare promo is 1 PESO!!! This flight itinerary is for 2 persons hence the indicated base fare is PHP 2.00.

How did we get it? What our preparations so we are ready every time there is a piso fare promo? That’s what we will reveal on this post. Follow us as we give out the tips that have helped us land these amazing peso deals.

But before that, we have to inform you that piso promo slots are VERY LIMITED. The best action is to search and book piso fare as soon as the airline announced that there is one. 

Some more noteworthy deals to watch out for are Philippine Airlines anniversary promo 2019, PAL Piso Fare, hope there is one this year, and Air Asia Red Hot Piso Sale.


The short answer is no one knows exactly when there is a piso fare except if you are working in Cebu Pacific and is in-charge for coming up with airfare deals. But based on our extensive experience in serving promo alerts to readers for years, we noticed that airlines like Cebu Pacific and PAL announces ultra-cheap seat sales during special occasions and celebrations.

Example of these ultra-cheap promos are the following:

Piso fare promo offered last December 24 to 25 in celebration of the Christmas holidays.

Cebu Pacific Anniversary Promo as low as 22 pesos base fare last March 2018. There might be an anniversary promo 2019 soon. 

Ticket Sale P11.11 Base fare was offered last November 11. There might be another Cebu Pacific 11.11 promo this 2019. 


Hindi po. The P1 is the base fare ticket price. There are other charges like admin processing fee which some airline refers to as ‘web ticketing fee’ or ‘ticketing service charge’. Another fee that will be added to get the total cost of ticket is the terminal fee and VAT. Sometimes, fuel charges will be added too.

Right now the admin ticketing fee or web admin fee of Cebu Pacific Air is P280 per person. The fuel surcharge varies depending on the distance.

As to the airport terminal fee, it’s P200 for Manila, Kalibo, Davao, Iloilo, Bohol, etc. For flights departing Cebu, it’s P300. Pinakamahal na terminal fee ay mga flights na galing Cebu – Mactan International Airport.

The last piso fare ng Cebu Pacific ay 1 peso lang ang ticket base fare plus web admin fee plus terminal fee (PH Service Charge) plus VAT. Walang fuel surcharge kaya ang total ticket price na binayaran namin is only P1,192.24 for two persons na, one-way, single-trip.

P1,192.24 / 2 = P596.12 total cost of the ticket bought during a piso fare sale of Cebu Pacific. 


Normally, a promo booked online can be paid using credit card, debit card, Paypal, eWallets, and cash. But since piso fare promos are extra-special, usually the accepted way to pay is all method except cash.

Bakit hindi tinatanggap ang cash pag may piso fare? This is just our hunch kung ano ang reason why cash are not accepted to pay for P1 tickets – we think this is probably done para iwas sa joy-bookers.

What or who are joy bookers? These are the people or individuals who book lots of promo fares, reserve it, but have no intention of paying for it. Yung tipong, mag bo-book ng ticket, then they will choose cash payment, then mag-iisip pa if itutuloy ang booking or pabayaan nalang mag expire ang reservation. Sayang yung slot na nakuha nila tapos ma-wa-waste lang at the end. Kung di sana nila binook at nireserve baka yung ibang kailangan talaga ang ticket ay syang makakabook.

Madaming joy bookers dati, kaya siguro airlines have become strict and only offer piso fare tickets for immediate payment. Wala ng cash payment so those who are really and truly planning to fly will be able to book. Hindi na magiging ka-competensya pa ang mga joy-bookers, kung baga.

But if wala kayong credit or debit card, don’t be sad because there are instances wherein the promo is first offered for immediate payment on the first day (credit card and debit card) and then the following day, available na for cash payment.

A good example is the last piso fare of Cebu Pacific wherein only credit card/debit card/paypal are accepted for bookings made in December 24, then by December 25 the slots are open to those who wish to pay using cash in partner centers.

By the way, our team at 1 Piso Fare can’t book your ticket since we don’t accept and process booking request at this website but we will guide you so you can do it yourself. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.


Follow our video guide in booking P1 and other Cebu Pacific promo tickets for 2019 and 2020. The online booking procedure is usually the same whether the tickets on sale are piso fare, or as low as 99 pesos, or as low as 199 pesos, or a snap sale offer, etc.

The general ticket-booking procedure via website is this:

Step 1: Go to cebupacificair.com.

Step 2: One the flight search box, scroll thru the destinations and select your flight (saan ka manggagaling and saan ka pupunta). 

Step 3: Indicate the number of passengers

Step 4: (OPTIONAL, can be skipped) Enter the promo code. Usually a promo code is not needed to buy ticket during most sales.

Step 5: Click continue.

Step 6: Select add-ons for your flight, or “proceed without any add-ons”.

Step 7: The flight schedules with corresponding rates will be displayed. Check the rates to spot the quoted promo fares. If you can’t find the promo rate, check other dates until you find one. 

Step 8: Select a flight, then click Continue.

Step 9: The “Passenger Detail” page will be displayed. Fill-up the form complete with the details of the passenger which means, enter the last name, first name, birthday, contact numbers, GetGo number if there is one. Then click continue.

Step 10:  The “Booking Summary” will display. Check for correctness of all details. If everything checks-out, scroll down to the box that says “I accept….”. And click it.

Step 11: The “Contacts Page” will display. Enter the contact details, make sure the email is correct because this is where a copy of the eTicket will be sent to. Enter the phone number, make sure this is correct because this is the phone number that Cebu Pacific will use to call or txt you if ever there are changes to your flight schedule; flight delay or cancellation.

Step 12: Scroll to the “Payment Page”. Options to pay for the reserved ticket will display. Choose how you want to pay: credit card, debit card, Paypal, Alipay, Cash via Payment Centers.

For those who will choose to pay via Payment Center take note of the booking reference number and make sure to pay for the whole amount due BEFORE deadline. Else, the reserved ticket will be forfeited. 

For a step by step demo here is a 1Pisofare Online Booking Video guide – Piso Fare to Hong Kong

Best to buy the tickets direct via the website of Cebu Pacific. 

By the way, when we share that the promo is “as low as Php xxx.xx”, it means that may mga ticket for a particular route na ang base fare ay talagang Php 99.00, Php 199.00, Php 299.00 pesos lang, etc. But it doesn’t mean, one can find the lowest quoted one-way base fare on all dates. Selected dates lang ang merong promo, that’s why we always suggest to search as many travel dates as you can and then compare the different rates.

These are the flight add-ons available: 

Prepaid Baggage (Standard, Large, Extra-Large)

Hot Meals

Pre-selected Seat

Travel Insurance

Cebu Pacific Air is strictly implementing their check-in bag policy wherein a specific number of bags is allowed depending on the prepaid package availed by the passenger (in pieces and in weight).

Standard Baggage – maximum of 2 pieces of bags, total weigh max of 20 kilos

Large Baggage – maximum of 3 pieces of bags, total weigh max of 32 kilos

Extra Large Baggage – maximum of 4 pieces of bags, total weigh max of 40 kilos

Each bag must not weigh greater than 32 kilos.

Free hand-carry bag allowance remains at 7 kilos max weigh. 

More DETAILS on New Baggage Policy and Rates

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2019 LIST of Cebu Pacific Domestic Flights  

Now that we have given a guide on how to book promo tickets via online, let us share the destinations and routes of Cebu Pacific Air. Remember that for Philippine destinations, the airline services direct flights. For International destinations, there are direct flights, there are also connecting flights.

Refer below for the complete list of domestic flights of Cebu Pacific Air this 2019. Hopefully, new routes will be opened soon by this airline so we can explore more of the Philippines especially those up and coming tourist destinations in the country.

Our wishlist for new routes includes stunning places like Siguijor, Bantayan Island, plus Baguio too, although we are not sure if the latter is at all feasible considering the topography of the summer capital but heyyy, one can wish, right?

Currently these are the flights by Cebu Pacific to Philippine islands and provinces, all routes are direct, no stop-over. Some routes are serviced by CEBGO.


Batanes (Basco)

Coron (Busuanga)





Puerto Princesa (Palawan)


San Jose (Mindoro)




*No more Laoag, Ilocos Norte.



Bohol (Tagbilaran)

Boracay (Caticlan)










Cagayan de Oro





General Santos








LIST OF Cebu Pacific International Destinations for 2019

Currently, this airline services select Asian countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, etc, plus US (Guam), Australia, UAE (Dubai) on DIRECT FLIGHTS.

Unfortunately, no more Cebu Pacific direct flights to and from Doha, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Passengers looking for the best rates to fly abroad should look into the 2019 offers of Cebu Pacific on their international routes. 

Best promo to watch out for are Piso Fare 2019 tickets, wherein even if the P1 rate is only on the base fare, the resulting total cost of promo ticket will still be cheaper compared regular prices.

Cebu Pacific Direct Flights International 2019

Here is the list of direct flights being serve by Ceb Pac, no stop-over for these routes. Some of these direct international destinations are included in piso fare offers for 2019 and 2020.

Direct Flights Hong Kong (China)

Hong Kong

Direct Flights Indonesia

Bali (Denpasar)


Direct Flights Japan



Osaka (Kansai)

Tokyo (Narita)

Direct Flights Macau (China)


Direct Flights Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu

Kuala Lumpur

Direct Flight Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)

Direct Flights Cambodia

Siem Reap

Direct Flights to China


Guangzhou (Canton)



Direct Flight Singapore


Direct Flight South Korea


Seoul (Incheon)

Direct Flights Taiwan (China)


Direct Flights Thailand


Direct Flights United Arab Emirates


Direct Flights to Guam


Direct Flights Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh

Direct Flights Australia



LIST OF CONNECTING FLIGHTS via Cebu Pacific and Partner Airlines

Cebu Pacific Air partners up with Value Alliance and several airlines to service the connecting routes listed below, including Scoot Airline, Jeju Air, and Vanilla Air. Most connecting flights will have one-stop in Singapore. 

Please contact Cebu Pacific Air if you have any questions and for more info about their connecting flights.

Connecting Flights Australia

Gold Coast 


Connecting Flight Bangladesh


Connecting Flights to/from China 



















Connecting Flights Japan

Amami Oshima



Okinawa (Naha)

Sapporo (Hokkaido)

Connecting Flights South Korea




Cebu Pacific flies to Germany (Berlin) and Greece (Athens) thru a connecting flight via Scoot Airline with one stop in Singapore.

Connecting flight to Russia (Vladivostok) is via Jeju Air with one stop in Incheon.

Cebu Pacific connecting flights to and from India and Indonesia usually will usually have a layover in Singapore. 

These are the destinations in the Indian subcontinent that can be booked at the website of Cebu Pacific, connecting flights usually via Scoot Airline.








Connecting Flights Indonesia with a stop in Singapore



Connecting Flights Thailand with a stop in Singapore

Bangkok – Don Mueang

Chiang Mai

Hat Yai 



Connecting Flights Malaysia and Maldives








We do not have the answers to all the questions that may pop-up because we are not affiliated with Cebu Pacific. What 1Pisofare.com is, is a promo-sharing website which aims to be of service to our readers by alerting them of the latest promo fares and to provide booking guides such as this article. 

For questions and concerns, we recommend that you visit a branch of Cebu Pacific Air nationwide. You may also contact them via hotline or via their official social media accounts. Reach out to the customer service representative of CebPac thru these contact numbers:

Manila (+63) 2 702 0888

Cebu +63 32 230 888.

These are the Cebu Pacific hotline numbers outside the country: 

Hong Kong: (+85) (2) 397 33800

Singapore: (+65) 315 80808

Australia: (+61) (2) 9119-2956

Cebu Pacific Air’s loyalty and reward program is called GetGo. Join and earn points every time you fly.

Web check-in is available as early as 72 hours before the flight departure time and up to 4 hours before the flight schedule.

Additional resources: 

Instances wherein you may REBOOK Cebu Pacific promo tickets for free.

What to do in the airport if it’s your first time to fly abroad.

Requirements for first time passport applicants.

Senior Citizens, PWDs Discount on Fare

Senior citizens and PWDs may avail of discounted airfare as mandated by government regulations. Discounts are available thru online booking as well as by transacting in a Cebu Pacific branch.

Should you print your eTicket?

If you have access to a printer, why not. But for local flights, saving a screenshot of the ticket on your smartphone or table, with the passenger name and flight dates clearly visible, is enough to gain access to the airport and the check-in counter. 

For an international flight, make sure to download the eTicket and print it. The immigration officer might ask to see your ticket. Tips to Avoid Getting Off-loaded in International Flights.



The promos and sales of Cebu Pacific are usually shared on the company’s social media account – facebook, twitter, instagram. The current promo will also appear on the homepage of the booking site www.cebupacificair.com

As a summary, here’s the procedure in getting those high-in demand promo tickets:

First, BE READY WITH YOUR PREFERRED TRAVEL DATE but be flexible so you have a good chance of booking cheap flights. One may also consult the Philippine Holiday declaration by Malacanang for 2019.

Second, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE PASSENGER DETAILS like first name, last name, email, contact number, birthday, GETGO number (optional).

Third, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS in your atm card, eWallets, credit card, Paypal, Alipay, cash to pay the ticket.

Fourth, GO TO THE BOOKING WEBSITE and INPUT YOUR ROUTE, TRAVEL DATE, NUMBER OF PAX. Some promos requires a promo code but we have observe that if the sale is a piso fare, walang Cebu Pacific promo code na kailangan para makabili ng ticket.

Fifth, CHECK OTHER TRAVEL DATES if you can’t find the promos on your first try and then COMPARE THE RATES. 

Promos are first come, first serve basis until ticket lasts or until end of sale period, whichever comes first. SALE TICKETS ARE ALWAYS LIMITED!


If gusto ng promo, booking months in advance is required. As a sample, the last piso fare sale of Cebu Pacific was last December 24/25, 2018 and the travel period covered by the promo is July, August, September, October, November 2019. Literal na months ang aantayin bago ang flight mo.


Usually during a piso fares promo, what we do is book first one-way ticket then find a return ticket on the next round of seat sale. So right now, we have a ticket for November 2019 from Cebu to Manila, wala pa kaming ticket pabalik. Mag-aantay kami ng next promo fare baka dun na kami makakita ng mura na ticket sa Cebu Pacific Air for the return flight.


If you are a big group, we suggest that you book at most 4 passengers in a single itinerary. There is less chance of finding P1 base fare promos if you will book for 5 to 8 pax in one try. The fewer the passengers, the better chance of finding and securing piso sale tickets.


Best to try booking at early dawn, like 3 to 5 AM, instead of waiting at 12 midnight. Bakit? Usually kasi sangkatutak ang nag-aantay sa midnight start of a promo that sometimes the booking site encounters hiccups, like slow to load, web page won’t load, won’t connect, you are put in a waiting room, or a long queue na parang di gumagalaw. 

Ang ginagawa namin pag may Cebu Pacific piso fare, pinapahupa muna namin ang traffic, then around dawn dun kami mag ta-try mag book. Doing it this way isn’t a guarantee na makakuha ng promo, mind you, but if we based it on our experience, mas malaki ang chance pag di ka sasabay sa bugso sa hating-gabi. 


If the website won’t load, try booking using the Cebu Pacific Mobile App. Download it via Google Play or PlayStore. 

If the website and app won’t connect, wait for an hour or so, then try again. Maybe the booking site is just experiencing out of this world traffic hits and can’t handle the traffic-surge temporarily. 


Is it possible to buy piso fare tickets in the branches of Cebu Pacific or online-booking is required? Based on our observation, piso fares are usually only available for online booking, but there have been sales in the past wherein the tickets are also available in other booking channels like ticketing offices, hotline reservations, accredited travel agencies. 

Not to worry though, if you have subscribed to us on Facebook (facebook.com/pisofarepromo) or subscribe via email, we usually inform our readers if the promo is online only or if other ways of booking are available.


Promo tickets are normally non-refundable so you have to be very sure of your flight date. 

Promo ticket may be refunded for free on specific conditions, i.e. Cebu Pacific itself sent an advisory that the flight was cancelled or delayed. Affected passengers will be given options including putting the value in a travel fund, rebook for free, or refund the amount. But if there is no advisory, then refunding the payment is not possible. 

Take note of the full terms and conditions of a Cebu Pacific ticket sale.

Usually when there is a peso offer, all or most domestic routes are part of the sale and only selected international routes. It is still best to know the list of destinations that’s included in the promo, so if you are interested, we recommend that you watch out for the post that we will publish in relation to a Cebu Pacific piso fare promo. We will be sharing the destinations and rates, plus accepted payment methods, and other pertinent info.

All quoted promo rates are one-way, single-journey but interested passengers may book round trip as well as multi-city. 

Check our website’s category Cebu Pacific for the newest seat sale for 2019 to 2020.

Wag sayangin ang savings, book during a Cebu Pacific piso fare promotion and during a ticket sale!!! Fly more this 2019!!!

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Cebu Pacific promo tickets 2019 and 2020 are usually quoted in one-way, single journey. Interested passengers may book round-trip though just search for dates that shows low fares. This is the same with Philippine Airlines Promos and Air Asia seat sale.

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