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Cebu Pacific New Baggage Policy, Rates, Fee for Excess Kilos

Beginning this January 15, 2019, the leading budget airline Cebu Pacific Air will implement their new baggage policy.

Out with the “per weight” count, now it is “by piece, plus weight” counting.

What does this mean? It means that the number of bags one can check-in will now have a limit depending on the prepaid baggage allowance availed of.


Cebu Pacific baggage allowance are divided into 3 category: Standard, Large, and Extra-Large. 

Standard Baggage 20 kilos will allow the passenger maximum of 2 bags for check-in. Combined weight of the check-in bags must be equal to or less than 20 kilos.

Large Baggage 32 kilos will allow the passenger to check-in a maximum of 3 bags. Combined weight for the bags must not exceed 32 kilos.

Extra-Large Baggage 40 kilos will allow the passenger to check-in a maximum of 4 bags. Combined weight of the 4 check-in bags must not exceed 40 kilos.

Each bag for check-in must not weight above 32 kilos. 

*The free hand-carry baggage allowance remains at 7 kilos max weight, one bag plus one small handbag/pouch.

We have here samples of how you can divide the items you will bring.

Example 1: 

Let’s assume you bought 20 kilos of prepaid baggage from Cebu Pacific.

On the first bag you may put in items with total weight of 13 kilos.

The second bag you may put in items with total weight of 7 kilos or below.

13 kgs + 7 kgs = 20 kgs —> this is within the limit for the Standard package.

Example 2:

Let’s assume you bought an Large prepaid baggage, then you may spread-out your things like this:

On the first bag you put in 15 kilos.

On the second bag you put in 9 kilos.

On the third bag you put in 5 kilos.

15 kgs + 9 kgs + 5 kgs = 29 kilos —> pasok sa 32 kgs limit for the LARGE package.

Correct weight but there are more bags?

What if you bought, say 20 kgs, but you brought in 3 bags. Remember that 20 kgs package will give a passenger maximum of 2 pieces of bags for check-in, therefore, there is 1 piece of bag that is in excess. What will happen then?

We don’t know the answer to this yet, 1Pisofare will our try our very best to find a verified answer from Cebu Pacific Air since we know that this will be a real concern of our readers. We will update this post once we know of the correct answer. 

One work-around that we sees in this new policy is for passengers to use BIG BAGS  every time you fly with Cebu Pacific. Another way would be to bring a big bag or “sako” bag or something similar to put-in all your “small bags”, so this will be counted as “one piece of bag” when you get to the airport’s bag-drop off counters. 

There are readers whose advise is to bring a rope or something to tie-up the small bags to make it “one”, though we don’t recommend doing it this way since the bags might be dislodged during transport.

Philippine Airlines and Air Asia baggage policy is based on combined weight for domestic flights and international flights. But there are routes in PAL especially long-haul flights wherein baggages are counted “per piece” and “max weight”. Just check the terms and conditions every time you book at any airline so you won’t be lost.

Now that we know the maximum number of pieces of bag allowed per package, alongside the maximum weight limit, let us us go to the Cebu Pacific baggage rate for 2019.

Cebu Pacific Baggage Rates 2019

The baggage rate in Cebu Pac differs depending on the ‘timing’ of buying the prepaid baggage.

  1. Rate for Prepaid Baggage bought DURING BOOKING of TICKET (Initial Booking).
  2. Rate for Prepaid Baggage bought after the ticket is booked; via “Manage Booking” at least 15 days before the departure date. 
  3. Rate for Prepaid Baggage bought via Manage Booking 14 days or less from departure date.
  4. Rate for Check-in Baggage at the airport when a passenger checks-in for a flight.

The cheapest fee is option number 1; Buy the prepaid baggage at the same time you buy the ticket.

The most expensive will be option number 4. At the airport, there is no more discounted baggages, passenger will pay full rate. 

2019 PREPAID BAGGAGE FEES of Cebu Pacific Domestic Flights

OPTION 1 during Initial Booking

Standard: 20 kilos cost PHP 380.80

Large: 32 kilos cost PHP 784.00

Extra-Large: 40 kilos cost PHP 1,232.00

OPTION 2 via Manage Booking 15 days or more before departure date

Standard: 20 kilos cost PHP 449.00

Large: 32 kilos cost PHP 949.00

Extra-Large: 40 kilos cost PHP 1,399.00

OPTION 3 via Manage Booking 14 days or less from departure date

Standard: 20 kilos cost PHP 529.00

Large: 32 kilos cost PHP 1,099.00

Extra-Large: 40 kilos cost PHP 1,599.00

OPTION 4 “Airport Baggage”

At the airport, if a passenger brings in a bag that must be for check-in, he or she will pay an “Airport Baggage” fee of PHP 1,000 for a maximum of 20 kilos. 

Even if the bag for check-in only weighs like 9 kilos, the passenger will still pay PHP 1,000 if he/she did not buy any prepaid baggage before showing up at the check-in counter. Ouch.

Please contact Cebu Pacific Air for baggage rates for international flights.


Cebu Pacific excess baggage rate per kilo is P250 at the airport as of 2019. 

Example: You bought prepaid baggage 20 kilos, but your 2-bags combined weight is 23 kilos, you will pay at the airport an additional PHP 750.00

3 kilos excess baggage x PHP 250/kilo = PHP 750.00

This new Cebu Pacific policy and rules on baggage is here to stay. The riding public may not like it, we sure do like the old set-up and not the new policy, but like everyone else, we have no choice. We will still fly via this airline and we will continue to hunt for Cebu Pacific piso fare tickets for 2019 to 2020 flights. We just hope there won’t be fee increases any time soon.

So what’s our final advise? If you know that your bag’s weigh will exceed the hand-carry allowance, book and buy prepaid baggage during booking to save some pesos. Buying a big bag will also come in handy now with the new policy!

This is another 1Pisofare Guide.

Additional resource: Items allowed and not allowed for hand-carry

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  1. Hi,
    Can you explain – if possible step by step – how to select more than 20 kg of pre-paid baggage during the initial booking with Cebu Pacific? Every time I try to select more the system says that I can only select more during the “manage booking” process – when it is more expensive. I appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

    • Hi Hans, on the flight schedule selection page, choose from “Fares Only” and not from “Fares + Baggage”. Then on the next page “add-ons”, click on “Add” on the prepaid baggage section (see #1 on screenshot). Then the options for baggages will show-up, you may now choose “20kgs”, “32kgs”, or “40kgs” (see #2).

      Here’s the screenshot guide:
      Cebu Pacific Prepaid Baggage Selection

    • Virginia rivera says

      Ok if you bought 20k only which is the minimum, your only allowedto check in 2 bags with the following content per baggage: 1 bag with 10 kilos weight and for the 2nd bag it should be 10k weight or less. Thats how a passenger should do he check in baggage ; t can also be 1 bag with 14 k and the 2nd can be 6kilos = 20 kilos for checkin baggage

      • Hi Virginia, you are correct with the examples for 20 kgs prepaid baggage.

        For those with 32kgs or 40kgs, maximum weigh per check-in bag is 32 kilos, so a combination that will not exceed the allowed kilos will be accepted by the Cebu Pacific airport check-in staff without additional payment.

  2. Enriquita C.Dupit says

    What if family passengers we have individual bagged 20kilos and 7 kilos hand carry we allowed to combine our belongings in one big bag like maleta 20+20 =40kilos Then our hand-carry 7 +7 is still on our hand it is possible allowed?