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First Time Abroad – Procedure in the Airport for International Flights

airport procedure for international flight

Is it your first time to fly international and you are worried since you don’t know what you will do once you get to the airport? You are not alone; a lot of first-time flyers abroad have these apprehensions.

To help you out and all of our 1Pisofare readers, we have shared this step by step procedure on what passengers like you will need to do the moment you arrive in the airport to checking-in for the flight to passing immigration and finally, waiting for your flight boarding announcement.

Philippine international airports almost follow the same rules in screening and accepting passengers. There may be slight variations just ask any airport staff for guide if you get confuse.

*Bring a ballpen because you will fill up immigration form(s).


Airport Procedure for International Flights

Step 1: Enter the airport and make your way to the first x-ray machine. Put all your bags on the x-ray belt including cell phone and coins for baggage scanning. Then pass the human x-ray scanner.

Step 2: Once you are cleared, get all your baggage from the x-ray belt.

Step 3: You may proceed to the “Travel Tax” counter to pay your Philippine international travel tax of 1,620 pesos. This is only applicable if you haven’t paid it yet during booking.

Rechecked your ticket to know if you have paid the PH international travel tax or not yet. If you have paid already, skip to Step No 4.

*Ask any security personnel where is the counter to pay the Philippine travel tax if you cannot spot it immediately.

*Only Philippine passport holders (except OFWs) and foreigners who have stayed more than 1 year in the Philippines are required to pay the PHP1,620 international travel tax.

Step 4: Bring your passport, your ticket, the receipt for the Philippine travel tax, and all your bags to the airline check-in counter. The queue in check-in counters may be long, so be at the airport at least three hours before your international flight.

Step 5: Give all your documents to the airline staff. If you availed of prepaid check-in baggage, the staff will ask you to put the bags one by one to the weighing machine for processing.

*If something inside is breakable, request the staff to put in “fragile” stickers to your baggage.

Step 6: The airline staff will now give you your boarding ticket. Take note of your boarding gate as well as boarding time.

Step 7: Proceed to the immigration area. There is a table there with departure cards. Get one and fill it up.

*Ask the guard where to get the departure card if you can’t locate it right away.

You will enter the following personal details in the departure card:

  • Passport number
  • Last name, first name, middle name
  • Flight number (you can find this in the boarding pass, example PR 928, 5J 723)
  • Primary Purpose of travel (check pleasure / vacation if you are flying as a tourist)
  • Length of stay abroad
  • Address abroad
  • Work details
  • Contact number or email

This is a sample of the Philippine immigration departure card

philippine departure card

Step 8: With your completed Philippine departure card, proceed to any open immigration counter, and wait for your turn to be processed.

Step 9: When it’s your turn, give your departure card and passport to the immigration officer (IO). Answer all the questions that will be asked with honesty and confidence.

Do not give any other documents unless the IO ask for it.

If the IO ask you to show your hotel accommodation, sponsor invite letter, COE, bank certificate, hand the appropriate docs to her or him.

1 Piso Fare shares these tips on how to avoid being offloaded by Philippine immigration officers.

Step 10: If you pass the immigration scrutiny, the IO will give you back your passport with a stamp on it.

If you did not pass, you will be asked to go to the table of an immigration supervisor for further evaluation. Hope that you will pass.

Step 11: Proceed to the second xray machine, put your hand-carry bags on the belt and then step into the human x-ray scanner. Once you are cleared, pick up your cleared hand carry bags and stuff, and walk to your boarding gate.

*Take note that the airport security personnel may ask passengers to take off belt, shoes, and metal watches before one can pass the final x-ray scanner. Some airport may only ask passengers to take-off the shoes. Just comply with the xray rules.

Step 12: Once you are in the boarding gate, listen and observe. Wait for the announcement that your flight is “boarding”. Line-up accordingly to get inside the airplane.

*Be aware that the boarding gate may change, so always listen for the announcements over the PA system.

Know that even if you arrive very early for your flight and have checked-in early too, but you were not in the boarding gate waiting area when the passengers were requested to board and you were late for boarding, you will be denied entry to the aircraft.

This is true kahit one minute ka lang late at nandun pa ang airplane basta nag close na ang boarding gate at tapos na ang “Last Call”, wala ka ng magagawa, maiiwan ka. Kaya be early for your flight at be at the boarding gate on time.

Get to the plane and be set for your international flight!

Again, remember that the assigned boarding gate for flights may change. Always be alert for any gate-change announcement. If there is a gate-change for your flight, transfer immediately to the new boarding gate.

We hope this guide on procedures for international flights also help you. Share this post so friends and family will know the steps to follow when one gets to the airport too!

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