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Cebu Pacific Flight Schedule Change: REBOOK TICKET WITHOUT CHARGES

rebook ticket cebu pacific flight advisory schedule changed

Cebu Pacific emails you an advisory about flight changes on your booking and you wonder what your options are.

Good news! In this post we will teach you that rebooking of ticket to another travel date and time can be done for FREE!

We shall be using the term ETD = Estimated time of departure in this post.

Did you receive an email from Cebu Pacific about a flight change? If you received an email with message that usually starts with the following lines, then you may be allowed to rebook the ticket to another date without any fee:

Hi (name),

We would like to inform you of change/s in your booking.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Then your old flight detail and new flight details are presented.


Cebu Pacific Flight Changes Options

For a flight schedule that was changed by the airline for whatever reason, with time difference of at least an hour, the passengers are given a choice, to:

  1. Accept the new flight schedule.
  2. Rebook the flight to another travel date, departure time, or both, without charges, provided that the new travel date and time is within 30 days from the original flight’s estimated time of departure (ETD).
  3. Reroute the flight to an alternate airport up to 30 days from original flight schedule without charges.
  4. Or opt to store the value in a full travel fund which can be used up to 90 days from the date of creation.
  5. Or get refund for the ticket.


Option 1 is self-explanatory. What Cebu Pacific proposes as your new flight date, you accept it by clicking the acceptance link found on the email.

Option 2 is what we showed on the 1 Piso Fare video demo: Original flight schedule was September 10, Cebu Pacific gave noticed that the flight will be moved to September 11, but the passenger wants to rebook the flight to September 9.

Option 3 is Reroute to another airport. Example, the original flight is Manila to Cebu, you can reroute the flight from Clark to Cebu because Clark is an alternative airport to Manila.

Option 4 is to put the ticket value on a travel refund. Said travel fund must be used within 90 days from the time the fund was created.

Option 5 is to request for a full refund of the ticket cost.



There are conditions that must be met for a free rebooking. (1) You must have a confirmed ticket reservation and later on you got an advisory from Cebu Pacific that they have made changes to your flight schedule. This is referred to as ‘involuntary flight cancellation’. (2) There is at least a one-hour time difference between the original booking’s ETD and the new departure schedule. (3) The passenger’s selected new travel date must be within 30 days from the original ETD.

All 1,2, and 3 must be present for the rebooking without charges to work. If one of the conditions are not met, rebooking of ticket can still be done but subject to rebooking fee and fare difference.

Example A: A Manila to Caticlan flight with ETD on December 10, 2018 at 9 AM was changed to December 10 at 1 PM (same day but 4 hours later). This can be rebooked for free.

Example B: A Cebu to Davao flight with ETD January 28, 2019 at 10 AM was changed to January 29 at 10 AM (different day, same time). This can be rebooked for free.

Example C: A Manila to Siargao flight with ETD February 13, 2019 at 6 AM was changed to February 13 at 6:30 AM (same day, time difference is less than one hour). This is not covered by the free rebooking option since time-difference is only 15 minutes.

Example D: A Puerto Princesa to Manila flight with ETD March 15, 2019 at 12 NOON was changed to March 15 at 2 PM (same day, 2 hours later). The passenger wants to rebook this to July 5, 2019 This can’t be rebooked for free because the preferred new travel date is beyond the allowed ‘within 30 days’ of the original ETD.



*The confirmed ticket is subject to a change schedule advisory from the airline.

First, login to Cebu Pacific website www.cebupacificair.com

Second, click Manage Booking

Third, select the booking that was changed to a new ETD. You are retrieving the ticket details so you can change it.

Fourth, your flight booking will display. Above the page you will the notice the line “This booking has been changed”. Scroll down and click ‘Select New Flight”

Fifth, a pop-up will appear that will say “Rebook or Reroute Flight”. Click “Continue”.

Sixth, you will be asked to “Select New Departure Time”. If your original booking is round trip, it will show two sections: Originating/Departure and Returning flight. If you have originally booked one-way, it will only show one section. Click the dropdown menu of each section to choose the new ETD.

Note: If the ticket is round-trip, copy the ETD of the flight that wasn’t change. Then on the flight that was changed, select the new ETD that you want. In our demo, the departure flight from Manila wasn’t changed so we just copied the original date, which is September 6. We changed the returning flight date to September 9, since this was the flight that was subject to the Cebu Pacific advisory on flight schedule change.

Seventh, select the new time and date you want, then click “Continue”.

*Be 100% sure about your preferred new flight schedule because the free rebooking/rerouting option can only be availed once. Once you have confirmed your rebooked ticket, you cannot rebook it again to a different date without charges.

Eight, the review page will display. Go over the details. If everything is correct, you may now click “Continue”

Ninth, your rebooked ticket is now confirmed. You may click the “View Itinerary” to see your new flight schedules.

Watch the video to see the process of rebooking the ticket

*If you choose REBOOK or REROUTE, this is subject to seat availability on your chosen new flight schedule.

Again, remember that if the passenger did not initiate the flight changes, meaning, it was due to a Cebu Pacific advisory and there is at least an hour difference between the new and old ETD, then the passenger can rebook or reroute within 30 days from the original ETD without charges.

For any questions or further clarification, we request you to contact Cebu Pacific Air since their customer service reps are the best persons to explain in full details about rebooking as well as be able to answer all the inquiries you may have.

Will you also go for rebooking like in our demo or will you go for the other options?

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