Philippine Airlines Promo Fare for 2017 and 2018 Seat Sale

Hello Piso Fare Friends, here is the continuation of our alert for the upcoming Philippine Airlines Independence Day Seat Sale for 2017 and 2018!! Last post, we have posted the details for Domestic Destinations, for this post we will focus on the Philippine Airlines Promo Fare for International Destinations. We will give you the details […]

Philippine Airlines Independence Day Promo Fare for 2017 to 2018

Hello Piso Fare Friends, here now is the details for the upcoming Philippine Airlines INDEPENDENCE DAY Seat Sale for 2017 and 2018 travels. Yes, you can book starting June 8 to June 15, 2017 via this Philippine Airlines Promo Fare and get to travel via discounted Economy fares for various months of both 2017 and […]

Philippine Airlines Anniversary Promo 2017 – International Tickets

Here are the details of the 76th Anniversary Seat Sale offering of Philippine Airlines for international flights. This promo is available for booking in the next 4 days, or until promo tickets lasts. PAL offers round trip promo tickets quoted in US dollars.  If you are planning to go soon to the US, Canada, Australia, […]

Philippine Airlines ULTIMATE Seat Sale Advance Notice!!

Hello there PISO FARE Friends, heads up for there will be an Philippine Airlines ULTIMATE SEAT SALE coming up. Details for the promo is still vague, But we will give you all the info that we have to give you the advantage that you will need once the promo fare is up. Based on PAL […]


Hello PISO FARE Friends, here is an exciting Philippine Airlines promo fare. If you want to travel with family and friends, then this latest PAL promo fare is the best seat sale for you!!! GO BOOK and enjoy your freedom to choose your ultimate 4+1 barkada getaway with Philippine Airlines’ Independence Day Seat Sale! This […]