Cebu Pacific 75% Off July, August, September, October, November plus December 2014

Looking for discounted fares for your trips here in the Philippines? If yes, kindly read this post for we will be talking about the latest 75% Promo Fare by Cebu Pacific. This one covers all the domestic destinations here in the Philippines by the countries leading budget airlines. Promo covers the months of July, August, […]

Cebu Pacific Promo Fare 2014: 75% Off on Tickets for June, July, August

75% Off on All Cebu Pacific Destinations are now on sale!!! Yes, Cebu Pacific Air , the Philippine’s largest budget airlines is offering 75%Discounted tickets for June, July and August 2014. 75% Discount means BASE FARE for promo tickets are sold at around 25% as compared to regular priced tickets!!! What makes this Cebu Pacific […]

Cebu Pacific 28 Piso Fare 2014: July, August, September, October

Celebrate the Anniversary of the People Power Revolution or the EDSA Revolution this February with this fantastic Cebu Pacific promo fare for the months of July, August, September and October 2014. All Cebu Pacific Air destinations are part of this promotion. BASE FARE starts at only 28 pesos. Now you can buy cheap promo tickets […]

Cebu Pacific Promo 2014: 75% OFF on Tickets for March, April, May, June

Are you looking for Cebu Pacific Air Promo tickets for Summer 2014? If yes, then better book now for they have a 75% Discount sale for the months of March, April, May and June 2014. What’s great is that that all Cebu Pacific destinations are included in this seat sale. Enjoy summer vacations at the […]

Cebu Pacific Air 2014 Promo at 99 Pesos per Ticket on All Destinations

Cebu Pacific Air has a new promo for 2014 and it covers the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September. What great is that the BASE FARE is sold at 99 Pesos only (tax and other fees still not included). All Cebu Pacific destinations are included in this seat sale. Now […]