Cebu Pacific Promo Fare 2017: August, September, October

Mga Piso Fare Friends, here now is the latest Cebu Pacific Promo Fare for August, September and October 2017!! Lowest ticket price is pegged at 599 pesos for new routes from Cebu. Look up at the Cebu Pacific website at to see available dates that carries domestic and international promo fare tickets. For those […]


Book this PISO FARE promo now, for the Cebu Pacific Piso Fare promo we have been waiting for is finally here!!! In celebration of Cebupac 20th years in the Philippine aviation industry, they have brought back the much loved piso fare promos. Who wants this??? WE DO!!! Yes, not 499 Promo, not a 500 Pesos […]

Cebu Pacific PISO FARE 2015 from January, February and March!!!

2015 here we come!!!! Start 2015 this early as you book PISO FARE 2015 tickets for domestic and international destinations. Grab these tickets now via Cebu Pacific Air and travel in the months of January, February and March at 1 Peso BASE FARE. This seat sale is for all Cebu Pacific Air destinations in the […]

PISO FARE 2014 by Cebu Pacific: September, October, November, December

Cebu Pacific Air has a new great promo fare all of you guys out there. This PISO FARE Promo seat sale if for the months of September, October, November and December 2014. Whats great is that ALL Domestic and International destinations are part of this Cebu Pacific Promo Fare 2014. To add more fun, even […]

Cebu Pacific PISO FARE 2014: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

PISO FARE Alert!!! There is a new Cebu Pacific Air PISO FARE 2014 for the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December!! Yes, you can book PISO FARE tickets for the remaining months of 2014 for this latest Cebu Pacific Promo Fare. What’s even better is that ALL Destinations are […]