Cebu Pacific MAY to September 2019 Promo Fare

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International Cebu Pacific Promo Fare November 2015 to March 2016

Here it is!! Ongoing now is the affordable Cebu Pacific Air International promo fare for select international destinations. ALL IN FARE promo terms are in play, thus no need to add NAIA terminal fee, Web Admn Fee and Value Added Tax. What’s great is that ticket prices are sold for AS LOW AS 2,000 Pesos. […]

NEW 50% Discount on International Flights by Cebu Pacific for October, November, December 2015

Cebu Pacific Air will be having new international flights. And to celebrate this milestone, Cebu Pac offers a new promo fare to its International Destinations. Enjoy as much as 50% OFF on regular BASE FARE for international destinations. These destinations includes regional flights like Hong Kong or Singapore or to long haul flights to the […]

Get 50% OFF Cebu Pacific Tickets Promo 2015: July to December

Get 50% OFF on BASE FARE for select Promo tickets… Read first please, 50% DISCOUNT on BASE FARE on Promo Fare tickets by Cebu Pacific for July, August, September, October, November and December 2015. BASE FARE lang po ang discounted, plus you need to look first sa promo tickets na available sa gusto nyong destination […]

International Promo Fare at 75% Off by Cebu Pacific Air

Book your tickets now for international destinations via Cebu Pacific Air for the months of August, September, October and November 2014 and get discounts on BASE FARE for as much as 75% OFF. Discounted internatinal airline tickets are now on sale so better book fast. Go visit Hong Kong with your kids or travel exotic […]