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How to Request Refund for a Cebu Pacific Ticket

how to refund request cebu pacific

Are Cebu Pacific tickets refundable? It depends on the circumstances; we show you when and how to claim for refund. 

For today’s learning session, we are going to guide our 1Pisofare.com readers on how to request for refund for a Cebu Pacific Ticket. YES, there are specific situations wherein passengers may be able to request for fare refund from this airline.

The refund can be FULL AMOUNT paid to Cebu Pacific or it can be partial, example: refund only on the terminal fee and government taxes portion. Cebu Pacific reserves the right to evaluate all refund request and to approve on a case to case basis. 

So what are the available grounds that passenger may request for refund?

Based on the website of Cebu Pacific Air cebupacificair.com these are the available choices for those who wants to request for refund via online:

  • Expectant mother unfit to fly
  • Illness of guest in the booking
  • Illness of an immediate family member not included in the booking
  • Death of guest in the booking
  • Death of an immediate family member not included in the booking
  • Refund of government taxes for unused flight
  • Refund of Philippine Travel Tax for Overseas Filipino Workers and other exempted guests
  • Double Payment of Booking
  • Double Booking of the same passenger

The airline may require further documents for specific cases like medical certificate for pregnant women and sick passengers who are no longer allowed to fly by a doctor. In such cases, it’s best to reach out to Cebu Pacific so all your questions or concerns on this topic will be answered appropriately including if they will refund the whole price of the ticket or just a portion of it.


Our 1 Piso Fare team made a video guide this morning aiming to teach our loyal readers on the refunding process. These are the steps:

  1. Login to Cebu Pacific Manage Booking page, input your username and password.
  1. Select the booking that you want to request refund for.
  1. On the tabs above the flight itinerary, find and click “Request for Refund / Check Refund Status”. 
  1. Click on the passenger name who wants a refund, and then input again the passenger name and email.
  1. The refund reasons will display, choose one.

Note: In our sample, passenger was not able to fly on the designated flight date due to personal reasons, so passenger was a “NO SHOW”. The ticket was purchased during a piso fare promo 2019 therefore the fare itself it not refundable BUT the “terminal fee and government taxes” portion of the cost of ticket is refundable.

The total price of the piso fare round trip ticket Cebu to Pagadian to Cebu with 20 kilos each way was P1,803.60. The base fare is 1 peso only so the cost of round trip tickets is x 2 = P2.00!!! 

The terminal fee is labeled “PH Passenger Service Charge” on the ticket breakdown. For our sample, the airport terminal fee was P450, we expect this amount to be refunded by Cebu Pacific to the credit card used in purchasing the ticket. 


Cebu Airport Fee – P300

Pagadian Airport fee – P150

Total Terminal Fees – P450

*We are still unsure if the Value Added Tax on the add-on like prepaid baggage is refundable. We will update this post once we get the credited amount back on the credit card.

6. After choosing the refund reason, a pop-up will appear Confirming the refund request. Click “Close” to go to the next page.

7. You will then get to the Refund Status wherein you can see the refund request reason, the date of request, the guest or passenger name, status, and notes.

WATCH the 1Pisofare Guide on Youtube to see the step by step process of the refund procedure.

We hope this is helpful to you!!!

After making the refund request on a Cebu Pacific ticket online, the next step is to wait for a personnel of this airline to review and approve your request. How many days will the refund be credited back to the credit or debit card? We still don’t know since we just made the refund today. Rest assured, we will be monitoring the status of this refund on the website of Cebu Pac and will update this post accordingly.

For those who paid for the tickets using CASH in payment center or ticketing branches/outlets of this airline, we recommend that you visit a branch of Cebu Pacific and process the refund therein. Or call them up first for the appropriate steps to get the cash refund. 

In case Cebu Pacific sent you a notice that there are changes to your flight booking that is more than an hour, know that you can REBOOK FOR FREE, REQUEST REFUND,  or PUT IN A TRAVEL FUND the fare amount of the updated flight. 

This ”how to refund cebu pacific ticket 2019 to 2020” is another 1Pisofare Guides that we hope will benefit readers. Do visit our other guides and tutorials. 

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