Victory Liner Bus Schedules Baguio To/From Pasay And Cubao

Cubao and Pasay to Baguio Bus Schedule

This post shares info on the bus schedules of Baguio buses of Victory Liner coming from Pasay or Cubao terminal, and vice versa routes.

This schedule sharing is in service to our Piso Fare and Airline Promo readers who are coming from the airports with onward journey to the city of pines. *There is no flight going to Baguio, you really have to make a land trip.

Estimated travel time going from Manila to Baguio and back is five hours on board the First Class bus on regular traffic. If you are taking the regular aircon buses which will ply the national highway, add 1 to 2 hours additional travel time.

During peak season, strongly advise you to secure your tickets way ahead, like a week ahead of schedule if you are going to Baguio during the summer, holidays, and long weekends. The queue for tickets at the terminals can be very long during these times.


Ticket rate for the first-class premium bus of Victory Liner is 750 pesos per person. Fare on regular buses is only 445 pesos from/to Cubao, and P455 pesos from/to Pasay.

The main advantage of riding the first-class premium bus from Victory Liner is shorter travel time, this is a direct trip so the bus driver will not be picking up passengers along the way and no stop overs. There is a bus stewardess on board during the whole trip plus there is a restroom inside the bus for the convenience of passengers.

The First Class bus seats are also comfortable and offers wider leg room compared to standard buses. One bottled water is provided per passenger, plus a cupcake and chocolates. *1Pisofare is not sure if the chocolate is standard for all first class bus trips.


There are multiple trips per day going to Baguio and going back to Manila. Click the links to get the info on the daily bus schedules of VBL. A new page will open, click picture to enlarge image.

Victory Liner Cubao to Baguio Schedule 

cubao to baguio victory liner schedule

Baguio to Cubao Schedules Victory Liner 

*Cubao to Baguio and vice versa rates are as follows P445 Regular Aircon and P750 for First Class.

Victory Liner Pasay to Baguio Schedule 

Victory Liner Pasay to Baguio Schedule

Baguio to Pasay Bus Schedule Victory Liner  

*Pasay to Baguio and vice versa rates are as follows P455 Regular Aircon and P750 for First Class.

*All trip schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

What is the “Concepcion/STCEX”, “Dau”, “TPLEX Urdaneta Exit”, “Concepcion”, “Luisita”, “Paniqui”, on the bus schedule list?

These are the designated exit of a particular bus. If you will disembark before reaching Baguio, make sure that you are on the appropriate bus. Take note of where the buses exit the expressway.


Buses via TPLEX Urdaneta Exit will take the TPLEX expressway and then exit in Urdaneta then proceed with the journey to Baguio. The buses which are via Dau, will take the NLEX Dau exit and then will proceed to Baguio using the national road. Buses via Conception will take the SCTEX Conception exit and will use the national road to get to the highland city.

Enjoy your Baguio getaway ka Piso Fare Friends!!!

bagio get away bus schedules

Baguio to NAIA Terminals 1, 2, 3 via Ube Express

Victory Liner has an arrangement with Ube Express to take the passengers from the Pasay terminal to NAIA terminals for a fee.

Passengers from Baguio bound for NAIA can now conveniently get to the airport by riding the Victory Liner bus all the way to Pasay, and in the Pasay terminal to transfer to the UBE Express bus that will take the passengers to NAIA Terminal 1, 2, 3.

The UBE Express Fare is separate from that of the Victory Liner fare. UBE Express charges 150 pesos per passenger. The advantage of taking this bus to the airport is the wide space to put on your big luggage and convenient because you do not need to wait for a taxi, which can be rare during peak hours and rainy days.


Yep, you can now buy your ticket via the website of Victory Liner However, please note that online booking is offered for limited trips for now. Meaning not all bus schedules of VBL offers online ticket booking ad reservation option as of August 2017.

During the online booking, you will need to select your preferred trip schedule and to choose a seat. The seat reservation comes with a price of P50, this is an additional cost. You can’t proceed with the online booking of the bus ticket if you will not pick a seat.

Once done, you will be redirected to the payment option. Make sure to pay before deadline. Once payment is completed, your voucher will be emailed to you. PRINT your voucher and bring this to the terminal. You need to exchange the ticket voucher for a Victory Liner ticket in the ticket seller booth inside the VBL terminal. This Philippine bus company recommend that you arrive in the terminal at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

If you wish to avail of the discounted rates for students, senior citizens, pwds, you must buy the ticket in the terminal over the counter. The discount is not available in online booking.

You can find the Victory Liner Pasay terminal in this address 712 EDSA, Brgy. 143, Pasay City. The terminal is before  you reach Kabayan Hotel if coming from EDSA Magallanes. These are the Pasay terminal contact numbers (02) 833 4403, (02) 833 5019 to 20, or cellphone number 09985915061.

Meanwhile, the Victory Liner Cubao terminal address is 683 EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City. You may contact VBL at these landlines and cellphone number (02) 727-4688, (02) 410-8986, (02) 727-4534, 09985915054.

If you go for Baguio vacation during the off-peak season, expect most hotels to offer discounted rates. Hurray!

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