Philippine Airlines Promo Fare for Christmas and New Year 2016 Season

Hello there PISO FARE Friends. We all know that the Christmas and New Year season is one of the busiest time to fly, thus plane tickets are usually expensive during this period. Good thing that there is a new Philippine Airlines Promo Fare perfect for the Holidays come December 2016 and January 2017. Before proceeding, […]

Philippine Airlines Promo 2016 to Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and more

Hi PISO FARE FRIENDS, looking for cheap airline tickets to the US, Canada, China and more? if yes, check out this latest Philippine Airlines Promo Fare for November, December 2016 and January 2017!!! This is the best time to visit family and friends come the Holiday Season. Book your tickets to Los Angeles, Toronto and […]

Philippine Airlines 50% OFF Promo Fare for International Tickets.

Hello there PISO FARE Friends… Here is the latest promo fare by Philippine Airlines. Now you can get as much as 50% Discount on your International Tickets for Economy Class or Business Class!!! Rates given are already for ALL IN Fares for ROUND TRIP Tickets!!! All you have to do to avail this promo is […]

Philippine Airlines Promo: Buy 2 take 1 Free Round trip Tickets SINGAPORE

Hi there PISO FARE Friends…. Do you plan to visit SINGAPORE with your kid soon? If yes, better see this latest Philippine Airlines promo fare where you can get FREE round trip tickets to Singapore for you child!!! Philippine Airlines Promo Fare Yes, buy 2 round trip tickets via PAL for Singapore and your child […]

PAL WEEKEND SALE 2016 to 2017 Round Trip Fares

Hi PISO FARE Friends, its the Weekend, thus a new batch of the the much awaited PAL Weekend Sale. For this latest Philippine Airlines Promo, lots of domestic destinations are on sale at ROUND TRIP Rates, ALL IN na po!!! Philippine Airlines Weekend Seat Sale Book now and book fast for booking will end on […]