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Philippine Airlines Round Trip Promo Fare HONG KONG

Hello there PISO FARE Friends, we all know may of you readers love Hong Kong or loves to visit this World City soon. And if you are just waiting for the right airline promo, then this Philippine Airlines seat seat sale is for you!! This promo is for ROUND TRIP tickets thus, less hassle when […]

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: London, Guam, Hawaii, Taiwan

Hi there Piso Fare Fans, here is one exciting International Philippine Airlines Promo Fare 2017. You can book for London, Guam, Hawaii and Taiwan via this promo and get affordable ALL IN, ROUND TRIP FARES!!! Yes, ALL IN Fares na, Roundtrip pa!!! Don’t miss this great airline deal. You can get a lot of savings […]

Philippine Airlines Promo 2017: Honolulu Hawaii

Hi Piso Fare Friends, if you are planning something special this year, best do it in Honolulu, Hawaii. Be it you honeymoon or just a relaxing beach vacation, Honolulu has it!! And if you are looking for the best airline tickets for Hawaii, then Philippine Airlines‘ got your back. Yes, PAL now offers promo fare […]

PAL Amazing Deals to Australia and the Middle East 2017

Hi there Piso Fare Friends, if you are planning to visit Australia or to the Middle Eastern Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and to Papua New Guinea, then check out this ALL IN, Round Trip promo Fare by PHILIPPINE AIRLINES. This PAL Promo is valid for booking until December 4, 2016 only so book […]

Philippine Airlines Promo Fare for Christmas and New Year 2016 Season

Hello there PISO FARE Friends. We all know that the Christmas and New Year season is one of the busiest time to fly, thus plane tickets are usually expensive during this period. Good thing that there is a new Philippine Airlines Promo Fare perfect for the Holidays come December 2016 and January 2017. Before proceeding, […]