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Cebu Pacific May, June, July and August Promo 2017

Hello the PISO FARE Friends, care for some promo fare for the months of MAY, JUNE, JULY and AUGUST 2017. If yes, then better see this new Cebu Pacific Promo Fare. Select domestic and international destination on sale. Lowest ticker price is sold at 799 pesos and are for the new destination from CDO and […]

Cebu Pacific Air May, June July 2017 Promo Fare

Hello there mga ka PISO FARE Friends. Waiting for affordable plane tickets for the months of May, June and July 2017? If yes, better check this all new Cebu Pacific Promo Fare. Lowest Ticket Price is at 1,099 Pesos but there are more tickets on sale for lots of exciting destinations. Select Domestic and International […]

Cebu Pacific Air 2017 July, August, September Promo Fare

Hello there mga ka PISO FARE Friends, here now is an all new Cebu Pacific Air Promo Fare for 2017. If you are hoping to book affordable plane tickets for the months of July, August and September 2017. Lowest ticket price is at 599 Pesos. Yes this is already an ALL IN ticket price and […]

More December 2016 Promos by Cebu Pacific Air!!

Hi there PISO FARE Friends, it seems that Cebu Pacific still has lots of available seats vacant this December 2016. And that is good news for us, for we can still avail low fares for our plane tickets!!! Travel period for this latest Cebu Pacific Promo Fare is from December 15, 2016 to March 31, […]

Cebu Pacific Air 599 Pesos and UP Promo Fare 2017!!!

Hello Piso Fare Friends… What a great way to start the week than seeing the latest Cebu Pacific Air promos. Right now, CebuPac offers lots of Domestic Destinations at low, low fares. How low can you say? Well is 599 Pesos, ALL IN FARE, Low enough? Yes, para ka na ding naka Piso Fare with […]