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Cebu Pacific International Ticket Sale – 2019 Promo Code “VISA”

Cebu pacific promo international until december 2019

This is the first Cebu Pacific promo launched for February 2019!

Book international destinations for as low as 494 pesos on base fare. Fly to as many countries as you can and save on airfare if you will book during this seat sale of Cebu Pacific Air.

Booking period for this promotion starts February 1 to 4, 2019 only.

As always, the promo tickets are LIMITED. First come, first serve basis. NOW the more important thing is that unlike the regular promo fares of Cebu Pacific Air, this one is only open to those with “VISA” cards – debit and credit cards.

What does this mean? In order for the sale prices to show up, you must enter a Cebu Pacific promo code for 2019, which is “VISA”. You input VISA on the flight+search page under the “promo-field”.

The cheapest airfare is for Manila to Kota Kinabalu at 494 pesos base fare. There are other charges, once the fees are added-in, the total promo ticket price will become PHP 1,899. Imagine less than 2 thousand pesos, naka bili ka na ng ticket pa-abroad!


cebu pacific promo code for seat sale 2019

Notice the tagged “Promo code applied VISA”. If you did not keyed-in the assigend promo code of Cebu Pacific for this seat sale, the cheapest amount that you can find will be total PHP 2,293. Nakatipid ka if you will input the VISA-promo code of around PHP 394.

PHP 2,293 less PHP 1,899 = PHP 394 savings with the promo code!

**Promo tickets are one-way, single-journey but passengers may book round trip or multi-city.


For as low as PHP 1,199 base fare MANILA to TAIPEI.

For as low as PHP 1,344 base fare CLARK to SINGAPORE | DAVAO to SINGAPORE | ILOILO to SINGAPORE

For as low as PHP 1,399 base fare MANILA to HONG KONG

For as low as PHP 1,499 base fare MANILA to Fukuoka, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or Siem Reap

For as low as PHP 1,644 base fare CEBU To SINGAPORE

For as low as PHP 1,799 base fare CLARK TO HONG KONG

For as low as PHP 1,876 base fare MANILA TO INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA

For as low as PHP 1,899 base fare MANILA to BANGKOK

For as low as PHP 1,999 base fare Manila to Bali

For as low as PHP 2,099 base fare ILOILO to HONG KONG

For as low as PHP 2,199 base fare CEBU to HONG KONG

For as low as PHP 2,499 base fare Manila to Jakarta

For as low as PHP 2,799 base fare CLARK to TOKYO (NARITA)

For as low as PHP 3,199 base fare MANILA TO NAGOYA, TOKYO NARITA, OSAKA

Next list is for those destinations with ALL IN Promo rates. Meaning the other fees are included like web admin ticketing fee, VAT, terminal fee.

For as low as PHP 5,399 ALL IN TICKET PRICE Manila to Guam or Melbourne

For as low as PHP 6,599 ALL IN TICKET PRICE Manila to Sydney

Travel period for this VISA only sale starts June up 1 to December 31, 2019. Buying of promo tickets starts now until February 04, 2019.

Please make sure to input VISA as the Cebu Pacific promo code and to ALSO PAY the ticket you will book using your VISA credit card or debit card.

This promo is only for ONLINE BOOKING. This sale is not available in ticketing office or reservation hotline. Book via online and use VISA card if you want to avail the promo.

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Cebu Pacific promo tickets 2019 are usually quoted in one-way, single journey. Interested passengers may book round-trip though just search for dates that shows low fares. This is the same with Philippine Airlines Promos and Air Asia seat sale.

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  1. elvira j. perez says

    i would like to know how much is the plane fare round trip ticket from cebu to los angeles calif. date to depart is may 25, 2019 and los angeles to cebu on july 5, 2019. tnx