SKYJET Coron Palawan and Boracay Promo Fare 2016

Fly the friendly skies with SKYJET!!! and Skyjet offers LIMITED SEATS to premier beach destinations BORACAY and CORON PALAWAN. BASE FARE of promo tickets is only 98 Pesos. BASE FARE does not include other fees and taxes like Airport Terminal Fee, VAT and others. Travel period for the promo starts on December 16 2015. Grab […]

98 Pesos SKYJET Promo Fare for Coron, Palawan and Boracay 2016

Heads up, SKYJET AIR will be having a promo fare come November 27 to November 30, 2015!!! This promo fare carries a BASE FARE of 98 Pesos!!! This airline deal is for destinations from Manila for Coron, Palawan and Boracay (Caticlan) and Vice Versa. BASE FARE of promo tickets is 98 Pesos. Passengers still need […]

SkyJet Batanes, Coron, Boracay 1,998 Pesos Promo Fare

SKYJET now has a new promo to ALL of their destinations. Yes… That means low fares for Basco Batanes, Coron Palawan and Boracay via Caticlan!!! BASE FARE is for as low as 1,998 Pesos. This is great value for money for Skyjet offers convenience for they uses BAE-146 aircrafts or jet planes which are faster […]

SKYJET 99 Pesos Batanes, Coron, Boracay Promo Fare Tickets

Fly in style to Basco Batanes, Coron Palawan and Caticlan Boracay via SKYJET. But you do not need to pay much or this boutique airlines are offering low fares for these destinations for as low as 99 Pesos BASE FARE!!! Yes, these promo tickets are sold at 99 Pesos. Taxes, Terminal Fees and admin fees still not included. Why do we […]

998 Pesos BASCO BATANES SkyJet Promo Fare

SkyJet, the luxury airline for Coron, Boracay and Batanes has a new promo. This one is for Basco, Batanes for 998 Pesos one way ticket ( Terms and Conditions apply). For as low as 998 Pesos (BASE FARE only, Terminal Fee and other taxes still not included), you can fly to one of the most […]