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SM SKATING rates entrance fee

Playing on ice? Go to SM MOA or SM SEASIDE CEBU or SM SOUTH MALL! These are the latest rates of SM Skating for 2018 to 2019.

Entrance fee, unlimited pass, assist coach details, polar bear aid rental, etc on this post.


The Skating Admission Fee or ALL-DAY PASS rate is P450 per person. You can get in and out of the skating rink at your convenience for the whole day since this is an UNLIMITED PASS. You can dine in any of the restaurant in SM Mall of Asia and then come back again to resume ice skating. Shop some then come back or you can stay the entire time in the rink!

There are optional services like polar bear skate aid, assist coach while you learn how to skate on ice, etc. Here are the rates for these:

Polar Bear Skate Aid is P100 per hour. Avail of this if you want to have something to hold-on to as you learn ice skating.

Assist Coach is P150 per 30 minutes, or P300 per hour. If you have the extra money, having a trained coach assist you is the best since you the coach will teach you the proper techniques in this winter activity. And hopefully with his or her guidance, you will be skating on the ice a lot faster!

Companion fee is P100 per person. The companion will stay in the Lobby of the rink only.

Locker fee is P50 for one time use only.

Now, if you want to further your skill, why not go for the basic figure skating course! The rate for this course is P3,600. Who knows you can be the next Michael Christian Martinez, the Olympic figure skater from the Philippines!

Hockey game is P500 per game. They have available hockey gear for rent at P400 per hour (walk-in guests). For those enrolled in a Hockey program, the rate is P100 per 30 minutes.

All skaters must wear the provided helmet at all times!

Aside from MOA, you can also go to these branches of SM Supermalls with ice skating rinks: Seaside in Cebu and South Mall in Muntinlupa.



All day pass or Unlimited Skating: P420 for the whole day

Polar Bear Aid rental per hour is P100.

Assist Coach services is P150 per 30 minutes.

Locker rental fee is P50.

Companion pass entrance fee is P100.

*The ice skating boots fee is already included in the all-day pass access.

*Bring a sock! A sock is required. If you forgot to bring one, there are socks for sale in the rink counter.

*If ginawin ka, magdala din ng gloves to keep your hands warm.


Contact numbers for the SM skating rink branches:

  • SM South Mall: (02) 800 0426
  • SM Seaside Cebu: (032) 234 0787
  • SM MOA: (02) 556 0469



  1. Wear proper skating outfit.
  2. Use protective helmet, correct size of skating boots, high-cut socks, pants.
  3. High-risk maneuvers are not allowed during public sessions and during peak hours.
  4. Skaters are advised not to bring their belongings with them while skating, (may include but not limited to loose accessories/ set of jewelry / coins/ gadgets etc.)
  5. Sitting, climbing, hitting or kicking the dasher boards and/or glass is strictly prohibited.
  6. Excessive speeding or any manner that may endanger other skaters is strictly prohibited.
  7. Skate towards the flow of traffic not againts it.
  8. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the skating rink.

Observe the house rules while you are ice skating. It is for your protection and for those who are with you on the rink.

Is there a sm skating promo in moa, seaside, southmall? None that we are aware of right now. But from time to time SM does offer a promo. In fact, there was a time our 1Pisofare.com team member was able to avail discounted Unlimited Day Pass by purchasing access using an SM Advantage Card

If there will be an ice skating promo in any of the SM supermalls with ice rink, we will update this post. Watch out for announcement and sharing!

Bring the whole troop! Bring the whole family!  Have a fun day in SM MOA ice skating rink or in Seaside or South Mall!

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