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Philippine Airlines New Routes Promo: INDIA, HANOI, PHNOM PENH

Hi 1 Piso Fare friends, finally Philippine Airlines has added new flights to already expansive international routes!! Yes, now we can fly via the friendly skies to Hanoi Vietnam, Phnom Penh Cambodia and New Delhi India!!!

Yes, now we can get to see these exotic destinations with out spending much, thanks to the all-new Round Trip Fares via Philippine Airlines.

This BASE FARE promo is for Economy and Business Class seats!!

pal new route india hanoi cambodia

Philippine Airlines New Routes Promo: ECONOMY CLASS ROUND TRIPS

Manila to New Delhi V.V. at USD 429

Manila to Hanoi V.V. at USD 180

Manila to Phnom Penh V.V. at USD 190

Philippine Airlines New Routes Promo: BUSINESS CLASS ROUND TRIPS

Manila to New Delhi V.V. at USD 929

Manila to Hanoi V.V. at USD 799

Manila to Phnom Penh V.V. at USD 799

1 PISO FARE Booking Tip

Rates given are at US DOLLARS, but if you book at www.philippineairlines.com, you can pay these promo fare tickets in Philippine Pesos. For more details on how you can do this, please CLICK the Link below:

Philippine Airlines Online Booking: Pay in Philippine Pesos for US Dollar Quoted Promo Fare Tickets

Fares quoted are exclusive of government taxes, fees and surcharges.

You can book your Round trip tickets to New Delhi, Hanoi and Phnom Penh until February 28, 2019.

Travel Period:

Manila to Hanoi – starting March 31, 2019

Manila to Phnom Penh – starting April 1, 2019

Manila to India – starting April 16, 2019

Baggage Allowance – Fare is inclusive of 7-kg hand carried baggage. Free baggage allowance will vary per route.

Wow, now we have more choices for our vacations and adventures. And who can top India if you want some soul searching, food trips and or seeing and learning new cultures!!!

If you are looking for a shorter vacation, then you can go visit Hanoi in Vietnam or Cambodia’s Phnom Penh!!!

Other Travel and Terms and Conditions apply!!! Safe travels mga ka 1 Piso Fare Friends.

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Cebu Pacific promo tickets 2019 are usually quoted in one-way, single journey. Interested passengers may book round-trip though just search for dates that shows low fares. This is the same with Philippine Airlines Promos and Air Asia seat sale.

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