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Philippine Airlines Bans Shark Fin Cargo

Philippine Airlines announced this week that they will be stopping the cargo and shipping of shark fins. This action was prompted after it was discovered last April 16 that they shipped 136 bags of shark fins weighting 50 kilos to Hong Kong.

Shark fin soup is considered a high value delicacy in Chinese cooking and is popular in China, Hong Kong and other countries with strong Chinese influence. Dreid sharks fin is also considered a traditional medicine.

After protests from various Environmental groups and activists, PAL has announced last Wednesday night that they will be stopping the shipment of shark fins.

It’s a total stop. We are stopping the shipment on all fronts…not just to Hong Kong. PAL takes the issue of protection and conservation of endangered marine life seriously.” PAL spokeswoman Cielo Villaluna said.

PAL, being Asia’s first airline and our flag carrier, will be taking a bold step and leading in marine conservation by ceasing the transportation of shark fins,” she also added.

Shark Fin Soup


Aside from Philippine Airlines, other airline companies in Asia has already made  ban for shipping shark fins. Air New Zealand and the 2 top airline companies in Korea, Korean Air and Asiana, has vowed not to transport shark fin cargoes.

Cathay Pacific was one of the first airline company to stop shark fin shipments.

“PAL values the issue on protection and conservation of endangered marine life seriously, recognising that the company’s long-term interest is and should be consistent with sustainable and responsible business practices,” this being said in a different occasion.

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