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2 PLUS 1 CEBU PACIFIC International Seat Sale Promo Code EXTRAONE

Cebu Pacific Air has a great prom for all of us. This is an all international seat sale, thus we can now plan our trips to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and more.

Aside for offering low BASE FARES for their select seats, Cebu Pacific Air also add an extra perk if we would travel as a group!!!

Yes, isama na ang mga BFF sa bakasyon and get FREE Base Fares… mga ka 1 Piso Fare, please welcome the Cebu Pacific Air 2+1 Promo Fare!!

Dalhin na ang biuong pamilya at magbakasyon na for the months of September, October, November and December 2019

Book for 2 people and get a FREE base fare for the third passenger.

But please take note, all 3 must travel together at the same flight and tickets must be booked at the same time!!


Book for 3 and get the third base fare for FREE… but in this promo, you can book cheap base fares for Cebu Pacific offers promo fares on top of the 2 plus 1 ticket sale.

See below for the rates of promo tickets for international travels:

699 Pesos
Manila to Taipei Taiwan

899 Pesos
Cebu or Manila to Macau

999 Pesos
Clark to Hong Kong or Macau
Manila to Bandar Seri Begawan BALI INDONESIA, Fukuoka, Guangzhou (Canton), Hong Kong, Osaka JAPAN, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Xiamen CHINA

1,499 Pesos
Cebu to Hong Kong
Clark to Tokyo (Narita) JAPAN
Iloilo to Hong Kong
Manila to Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh VIETNAM, or Siem Reap CAMBODIA

1,999 Pesos
Cebu to Tokyo (Narita) or Singapore
Clark to Singapore
Davao to Singapore
Iloilo to Singapore
Manila to Bali (Denpasar), Jakarta INDONESIA, Kota Kinabalu MALAYSIA, Nagoya, or Tokyo (Narita)

2,199 Pesos
Manila to Singapore

2,999 Pesos
Cebu to Seoul (Incheon) SOUTH KOREA
Manila to Kuala Lumpur or Seoul (Incheon) SOUTH KOREA

3,888 Pesos
Cebu to Shanghai CHINA
Manila to Beijing

4,499 Pesos
Manila to Guam
*Travel Period: September 01, 2019 to December 07, 2019

4,899 Pesos
Manila to Dubai UAE

4,999 Pesos
Manila to Melbourne AUSTRALIA

5,999 Pesos
Manila to Sydney AUSTRALIA

TRAVEL PERIOD: September 01, 2019 – December 15, 2019

How to book Cebu Pacific 2+1 Promo Tickets?

Booking is easy, but you need to book online for this promo. Why, because you need at special Cebu Pacific Promo Code to avail the free BASE FARE for the third passenger.


You must log in at www.cebupacificair.com. Book for 3 persons, pick an international destination within the travel period and fill up the promo code box. Hit the search button and see what happens.

Cebu Pacific Air 2 Plus 1 Promo Fare

Look at what we’ve found. 3 tickets for MANILA to TAIWAN with 699 Pesos BASE FARES…. plus Libre po ang for the third passenger.

BASE FARE lang po ang naka promo and naka free. Wala pa pong ibang charges, fees at government charges.

Book na at isama na ang buong pamilya mga ka 1pisofare.com readers. Happy booking and safe trips!!!

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