List of Cebu Pacific Air Domestic and International Flights and Destinations

Cebu Pacific Air is the largest budget airlines in the Philippines. They are constantly giving out promo fares and seat sale for "Every Juan", making it affordable for everyone to travel different cities in the country as well as visiting our Asean neighbors without spending to much on airfare. The Cebu Pacific Piso Fare or 1 Peso Fare is the most popular seat sale promo in the Philippines . Aside from this, they are always selling tickets at discounted rates. Many of their tickets are sold Continue Reading

PISO FARE: When, Where, How to Book Piso Fare Tickets

Piso Fare is probably the most popular and most awaited airline promo in the Philippines. It is one of the most affordable to for tickets sold during this promo has a Base Fare of 1 Peso only, hence the name, Piso Fare or 1 Peso Fare.   What is Piso Fare? Piso Fare is a type of airline promo or deal that is offered usually during special occasions. People get to book 1 peso tickets (Base Fare only) during the promo period. Like most airline seat sale, travel period for Piso Fare Continue Reading