Popular Destinations For Your Next Vacations

Where to go for the next vacation, long weekend and holidays? Here are the top choices of 1Pisofare.com.

Go budgetarian, DIY, or splurge a little on your next getaway. Of course, if you need to fly, buy a promo fare ticket! :)

Malacanang Declared Ramadan 2015 Holiday PLUS Long Weekends Info

Many Filipinos are waiting for the Office of the President of the Philippines MALACANANG to announce the official declaration of the 2015 Eid’l Fit’r or Feast of Ramadan. Finally, today July 9 Macalanang has released the official date for the national holiday for Ramadan 2015, see the copy of Proclamation 1070 below: RAMADAN 2015 HOLIDAY […]

Baguio City Travel Guide to Top Tourist Spots and Attractions

Welcome to 1 Piso Fare’s Baguio Travel Blog for top tourist spots. This Giide is for No Entrance Fee thus great for families and barkadas who want to explore the Summer Capital of the Philippines for free. This place of pine trees and cool winds is among the country‚Äôs top tourists draw. Peak season is […]

2015 Regular and Special Holidays in the Philippines List

We are always looking for some spare time to relax and enjoy the beach or go out with family. And some of these times are best spent during holidays or long weekends for we are not forced to file our leaves at work or be absent in school. There are various special and regular holidays […]